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James Charles Merch Ends up in Goodwill | He Responds

James Charles is no stranger to controversy. The young beauty guru and YouTube sensation has made headlines on multiple occasions- not always for the right reasons. But it seems as though James Charles wants to end the year on a good note, stepping away from unnecessary drama and negative attention. A recent tiktok video surfaced showcasing James’ merch at a thrift shop, costing only $6.99. The original piece that retails for a price starting from $45 was available at a Goodwill store, a place for second-hand clothes available at a good deal.

James Charles Responds to the video!

James was allegedly tagged on the said video multiple times. But James made sure to slam the trolls. He said in a tweet that he made his money off of the product, so there was no need for him to dragged into all the drama. He also preached his followers that second-hand clothes are nothing to be ashamed of- that they are in fact a sustainable way of shopping.

A lot of fans came to his support, calling out the haters and commending James on his savage response.

James also took this opportunity to call out all the haters and trolls trying to get his attention by dragging him into controversies using ‘edited DMS and fake dating apps conversations.’

It seems as though James has had his share of drama, and wants to kick off the new year with a drama-free world. He made sure to point out that he won’t be paying any heed to all those trying hard to get his attention for cheap clout and publicity. He said in his tweet,

‘Some of y’all are far too ugly to ever get my attention and lying for clout is even uglier. Cut it out.’

Let’s see what the new year has in store for him.