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James Charles & Manny MUA call out Keemstar for voting Donald Trump

James Charles & Manny MUA call out Keemstar for voting Donald Trump

James Charles and Manny MUA call out fellow YouTuber Keemstar for supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 US Elections!

It’s finally election day in the United States! As many have termed it, it’s right now the battle for the soul of America. And in such a battle, it’s getting harder for people to tolerate their own friends and colleagues who vote for the side that they believe is damaging that soul of America. That is what happened between famous YouTubers James Charles, Manny MUA, and Keemstar.

James Charles has a Twitter feud against Keemstar!

James Charles & Manny MUA call out Keemstar for voting Donald Trump

There’s no secret that Keemstar has voted for Donald Trump in the past. He revealed that he voted for Trump back in 2016, and has even supported Trump’s claims that the CIA, FBI, and the Democrats tried to team up with the Russians to overthrow Trump. His Twitter account is heaven for any MAGA supporter.

And so, last night Keemstar decided to take on James Charles, who is not a fan of Donald Trump by any means and supports Joe Biden in the elections. James initially tweeted:

I am genuinely so scared for our country this week… time is running out, PLEASE get out and vote for Biden, we can’t do another 4 years of this sh*t

As a response, Keem brought up Joe Biden’s tax plan especially for the state of California. He tweeted:

You live in California right? Yep that means 63% of your income will go to Federal and state taxes under Biden plan.. At least you can keep 37% of your hard earned money.

James doesn’t care about paying more tax

However, Biden’s tax plans were not a deterrent for James Charles to vote for Joe Biden. According to James, he values human rights for the masses far more than just the tax plans for the top 1%, quoting Keemstar:

I certainly don’t love Biden’s tax plans but I’d rather vote for the candidate taking away a little bit of the top 1%’s money than the candidate taking away the other 99%’s human rights

However, Keem considered James’s claims of Trump taking away human rights way over the top, and considered jobs to be far more important for the 99%, tweeting:

Human rights? Trump is taken away human rights?

I don’t even know how to realistically respond to that because it’s so over the top.

Jobs jobs and more jobs is the best way to help those less fortunate. Vote Trump.

Manny MUA joins the feud

James Charles didn’t respond to that claim by Keemstar. But, Manny MUA did reply to one of Keem’s tweets, saying:

there’s more to life than money keem, like human decency

However, Keem was not willing to bend to any of Manny MUA’s or James Charles’s remarks. He replied to Manny:

Yes there’s more to life than money. But try telling that to the homeless who lost their job because the factory moved out of the country.

to make an educated decision on who is best for the country you must educate yourself and not be a puppet to the rhetoric.

Later on, Manny MUA subtweeted Keemstar, tweeting how voting for Trump just for fewer taxes is selfish, and that you can’t be Manny’s friend if you support Trump:

And that is how the Twitter feud between Biden Supporting James Charles and Manny Mua and Trump supporter Keemstar panned out. However, previously in one of their famous YouTuber feuds, Keem kind of supported James Charles in his merch feud with Ethan Klein. But, the reason for that was just because Keem himself had a feud with Klein as well. So, you know, typical complicated YouTube feuds and politics. But what do you guys think? Is James Charles right to value human rights over taxes and jobs? And is Manny MUA justified in saying that you can’t be friends with a Trump supporter? Let us know in the comments below: