James Charles Gets On YouTube’s Trending Page After Sexting Scandal with Minor

It’s no secret that James Charles has been canceled more times than he appeared at Coachella. However, eyebrows were raised when his video was trending on YouTube last month. As expected, people were not happy and expressed their disappointment. Similarly, Ethan Klein called out the platform for promoting a predator.

James Charles

Last year, James Charles faced massive backlash when minor boys accused him.

Prior to the s*xting scandals, James Charles was one of the most sought-after makeup artists. However, he landed himself into trouble when he flirted with underage boys. According to several minor boys, he asked them to send n*des and engaged in s*xual conversation. Despite them telling him that they are underage, he continued. Shortly after this news went viral, people started bashing James Charles. In return, he posted a video apologizing. However, he also lost contracts with many brands. When Morphe, the makeup brand continued to support and promote James Charles, people threatened to boycott the brand. Despite the criticism, Morphe did not respond to people’s threats.

James Charles

Since the allegations came out against him, social media platforms have been careful in promoting him. However, it changed with the arrival of the new year. In January, people noticed that one of the recent videos of James Charles was trending on YouTube. According to the video, it was a collaboration between him and the fast fashion brand Shein. He shared that he worked on the brand’s clothes for a whole week. On YouTube, the video was trending at #22. After the news came out, Charles expressed his happiness at the fact that his video went trending.

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Although he was happy, people were not pleased with him.

In a video, Ethan Klein accused YouTube of promoting a predator. He called out the platform and shared his disappointment. Similarly, people also shared their reaction to the news that James Charles’s video went viral. According to one person:

Him posting like nothing ever happened proves that cancel culture doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, another one said:

Honestly I’m not surprised he got away with everything he did just like jeffrey and Shane and David and Jason and nikocado. Someone on Twitter said it’s YT privilege but honestly I just think its the money and 12 y/0 fandoms.

One person criticized him for buying fast fashion and shared:

I really wish these influencers, who make plenty of money, would stop buying fast fashion. They can easily afford ethically made clothing. People who are financially struggling have no choice but to purchase from these places. At this point, it’s like they’re dressing up as poor people, and it’s just not cute.

Needless to say, people were not happy with Shein or YouTube for promoting James Charles.

Despite the backlash, Charles seems to be unfazed and is posting content regularly.

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