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James Charles facing allegations of flirting with an underage fan again

James Charles facing allegations of flirting with an underage fan again

James Charles is making rounds on the internet again for flirting with an underage boy. This comes after multiple allegations of victims coming forward and saying that James Charles approached them even when their ages were public on social media. Though, Charles denied the allegations and claimed he was being lied to. Now, a 15-year-old boy is claiming that Charles wished him happy birthday and flirted with him whilst knowing his age.

The past controversies of James Charles

Past controversies involve people claiming that Charles would manipulate straight men into having romantic and se*ual relations with him. Tati Westbrook made the video ‘Bye Sister’ detailing all the events.

At the time, James Charles also made a video detailing his side of the story, titled ‘No More Lies’. He addressed the accusations and shared how he had not manipulated anyone into doing something they did not want to do. Public opinion changed favorably for him as many started to call out Tati Westbrook for spewing lies. However, she backtracked and later said she was being manipulated and ‘fed lies’ by beauty guru Jeffree Star and his close friend Shane Dawson. She took back everything she said. Jeffree Star denied that anything like that had happened. James Charles didn’t directly address the drama that was taking place but while it was happening, he thanked his fans for their support.

What are the allegations concerning James Charles now?

Now in 2021, he has been facing multiple grooming allegations by victims who have come forward. In February of this year, a 16-year-old fan of Charles shared that he had an inappropriate conversation with Charles. In one TikTok video, he added that Charles had sent him explicit pictures of himself. Afterwards, Charles pressured the fan to do the same.

James Charles responded to this incident saying that the accusations against him were false. Moreover, Charles said that he was lied to and was told that the fan’s age was 18. After finding out the real age, Charles stopped conversing with him further because he felt uncomfortable with the situation. Although, James Charles did admit to sending and receiving explicit pictures with the fan. Many of James’ critics like Keemstar and Ethan Klein were still calling out the YouTuber for having inappropriate conversations with minors. They said that it was not illegal and that something should be done about the situation.

The YouTuber flirted with a minor even though he knew his age?

After this incident, another accusation was made against James Charles came up. It claimed that James was flirting and having explicit conversations with an underage fan. A 15-year-old boy named Jake Cherry said that he shared his age with James Charles before interacting with him.

Charles knew about Jake’s age being 15 but still flirted with him regardless. Jake made a TikTok video where he had screenshots of his and James’ conversations on SnapChat. In the screenshots, James is seen calling Jake “cute” multiple times.

There were also screenshots that showed that James Charles was angry at Jake for posting their private text conversations to his own Private SnapChat Story. Charles also accused Jake for lying about his age, even though the screenshots show that Charles did know about the age. The original TikTok video was later removed by Jake as per his parents’ requests. The parents were being contacted by the police so they asked him to take down the video.


As all these allegations are rolling against James Charles, the YouTuber was removed from his YouTube Originals show ‘Instant Influencer’.

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