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James Charles Explains Why is He Single Forever

James Charles gave out an anti-Valentines makeup tutorial and explained in the video why he is so single and how he feels about it.

The beauty YouTuber James Charles is not fond of Valentines Day. And he has made it pretty evident. It’s probably his least favorite day of the entire year because it reminds him of how lonely he actually is. The YouTuber has been single for a long time! All the extravagant celebrations and romantic Instagram posts don’t help the single YouTuber either. But James Charles did not let this bring him down. And instead, he gave his fans a present- a brand new anti-Valentines makeup tutorial!

James Charles Releases Anti-Valentines Makeup Tutorial Explaining Why is he Single…

James Charles uploaded a very creative new look on his YouTube Channel. His anti-Valentine tutorial has been titled ‘Why I’m Going to Be Single Forever‘. In the beginning of it before showing off his incredible makeup skills, the makeup mogul decided to open up about his relationship history. Well, honestly put, there is no history because he has been single for the past 19 years (practically all his life). And he is having a really tough time figuring out why. Apparently, he has everything- a good family, a big house, a steady income, lots of Instagram followers, and he considers himself good looking.

Charles explains that the only problem he finds in the search for a true romantic partner is the fact that’s only interested in straight guys. He joked about asking Cupid for help in this area of his life but he still wakes up single day after day.

Though, James Charles does feel sad about not having a romantic life he’s perfectly fine waiting for the right person to enter into his life. Meanwhile, he is playing around with his make-up to give his followers a brilliant anti-Valentines look.

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James Charles is a beauty YouTuber, internet personality, and makeup artist. Although he is only 19 years old, he is fairly famous everywhere. In fact, he brought the entire Birmingham to a standstill with a 30-second appearance. He has also won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer.