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James Charles denies grooming underage fan after accusations surface

James Charles denies grooming underage fan after accusations surface

James Charles is once again caught under fire for grooming an underage fan. The whole thing initiated from TikTok when a guy named “Redzai” posted a video and accused James Charles of grooming him. Later, James took to his Twitter account and tried to explain his side of the story.

All of James’ fans were already upset with him for partying throughout the lockdown situation. And now they are shocked because James’ accuser “Redzai” has attached multiple pictures as proof against the influencer in a now-deleted TikTok video.

Some fans also think that it’s about time that influencers like Lopez Brothers and James Charles should start taking responsibility for their actions.

Redzai shares his interaction with Charles

So a couple of hours ago, a 16-year-old boy, whose username is Isaiyah on Instagram and Redzai on TikTok posted a video on his TikTok account. In the video, he is accusing James Charles of allegedly grooming him and making him feel uncomfortable.

The alleged victim’s video has been taken down from TikTok but it’s floating all over social media. The 16-year-old boy has solid proof which proves that he is not lying. Here is Redzai’s side of the story in which he is talking about the incident:

“So last Wednesday on the 17th, James Charles snapped me on Snapchat. He added me back because I snapped him a while ago just like ‘ a fan to an influencer conversation’. I was excited because he is my biggest influence, influencer-wise.

And I have always looked up to him so I was excited to get his message back. I don’t have a lot of time so I am going to post proof right now. I went into the bathroom and I guess he saw the bathroom light so he started to make the conversation very sexual and it made me really uncomfortable.”

If you look at the attached video, you will see how James has been persistently sending explicit pictures to Redzai. And he didn’t even stop when the 16-year-old boy asked him to which complicated things even further. James was also allegedly demanding explicit pictures from him in return.

James Charles denies allegations that he groomed underage fan

James on the other hand shares a different side of the story which many people online aren’t ready to believe. Here is what he said:

According to Redzai, he has been following James for a very long time so he sent him a message on Snapchat. And that is how the truth becomes harder to find because James mentioned in the attached tweet that last week he was going through his “Instagram” explore page. And when he found out that this guy “Redzai” is following him on Snapchat, he added him back. How the two started interacting is a different story for both.

James Charles further added that he received multiple photos from this fan and got really excited after seeing some explicit pictures which were taken in the shower. He even asked the guy about his age because James was previously accused of taking advantage of a minor. Now as per James, this guy “Redzai” initially told him that he is 18.

But James started having second thoughts so he asked Redzai again about his age. And when Redzai admitted that he is 16, James right away unfriended him and stopped interacting with him. James claims that Redzai was not ready to end their interaction and wanted to continue talking but he still put a stop to it.

Critics are also pointing out a point that can be a problem for the YouTuber. James mentioned in the tweet that he saw Redzai/Isayah’s profile on the Instagram explore page. So he must have read the bio and done proper homework on this guy before he started chatting with him. The fan clearly looks like he is in his mid-teens. James even changed his Snapchat chat settings to “delete chat after 24 hours” to “delete chat after reading”. All these things point to something suspicious. But we’re not sure what the truth is as James and Redzai’s story differ as of now.

Let us know what do you guys think of this whole situation? Maybe social media influencers should limit interacting with their fans.

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