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James Charles Steals Corinna Kopf’s Ex Tfue On Valentine’s Day

James Charles has been making headlines due to his uncanny resemblance to the singer Dua Lipa. He is a Beauty Blogger and an artist who is not a stranger to controversies around YouTubers and Influencers. Every mysterious post can birth a new controversy, even if it was posted just for fun. Recently, James Charles’s pic with Corinna Kopf’s ex-boyfriend Tfue has gone viral on social media. Apparently, both of them spent Valentine’s Day together.

James Charles Before Valentine’s Day

Right before Valentine’s Day, James Charles took to his Twitter handle and asked if someone would be interested in becoming his Valentine.

You’d be surprised to see how many of the well-known influencers jumped at the chance. Tanner Fox replied saying, “F*ck it, I’m down.” Meanwhile, Daniel Preda, aka Mister Preda, replied, “I unmuted you, does that count?”. Mykie, aka GlamandGore, also said, “Ugh…I’ll do it”.

But who got lucky? It was Tfue (Turner Tenney). He replied, saying, “Me.” To which James replied, “Down. Where’s our date tonight.” And Tfue answered, “Anywhere but L.A.”

Tfue previously dated Corinna Kopf in 2019. Before him, Corinna was dating Toddy Smith.

A Date With Tfue

So they really did it. Tfue and James Charles spent Valentine’s Day together. James calls it an impulsive decision.

Since Tfue said, “Anywhere but LA,” James had to catch a flight to be with Tfue for the weekend. He really went to Florida within 24 hours, and they had fun at Clearwater Beach.

James got more than fun, though. He ended up with skin burns and has strictly advised his sisters to use Sunscreen.

Corinna Kopf Responds

Corinna Kopf has not posted any response on her Instagram. However, she posted a tweet wondering what James Charles was doing with her ex-boyfriend Tfue in Florida.

James Charles and Tfue have not replied to Corinna yet. However, fans have their theories.

That’s not a theory; that’s a fact. Next…

There were many saying Corinna was posting it for clout and money. But then, some make sense.

This one was straight to the point. No Pun Intended.

Lil Nas X was not subtle about his response, though.

He gives his blessings. Will we see more of them together in a Vlog? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What do you guys think of it? Was it a friendly trip, or is something really going on between these two now?