James Charles allegedly tried to blackmail TikToker after being rejected by them

Recently, James Charles tried to blackmail a TikToker, Ricky Murda. However, it backfired and the TikToker exposed him.

Another day, another James Charles controversy. Unfortunately, the makeup guru has not learned anything from his past experiences. Recently, a TikToker exposed him for sending threatening messages on social media. After Ricky Murda rejected him, Charles tried to blackmail him by sending explicit pictures. However, this backfired and Murda explained that he never replied to him as his messages are still in the request section on Instagram.

Earlier this year, James Charles faced backlash amidst sexual exploitation allegations.

Although the makeup artist has always been controversial, this year was the worst for him. Earlier this year, several men came forward with allegations against James Charles. According to them, he groomed and sexually exploited them when they were underage. Shortly after, YouTube demonetized James Charles’s channel and removed him from YouTube Partner Program. According to them, he behaved inappropriately and in a manner that was outside the bounds of what the platform allows. Before that, the YouTuber earned approximately $25,000 per video, which makes him on the list of highest-paid makeup influencers.

In April, he uploaded a video where he admitted to messaging a 16-year-old

James Charles uploaded a video titled Holding myself Accountable on his YouTube channel. According to Charles, he acknowledged that what he did was wrong. At the same time, he admitted that he did, in fact, message a 16-year-old. However, he believed he was talking to an 18-year-old then. After he came to know the truth, he felt horrible. Furthermore, James Charles said:

“I fully understand my actions and how they are wrong. These conversations should have never happened. I should have searched on social media and found their real ages. I’m taking time off to educate myself on these issues.”

However, James Charles seems to be doing the same thing as before

A few days back, a TikToker named Ricky Murda exposed James Charles in a series of TikTok videos. According to him, Charles saw his OF’s adult and explicit content on Twitter and sent him a DM. In the message, he asked for Murda’s Snapchat username. However, he ignored James Charles’s request. In response to this, the makeup influencer sent him explicit images implying that TikToker had sent them. At the same time, Charles wrote:

“It would be a real shame if I duetted your tiktok with these :)”

Shortly after that, Ricky Murda exposed his blackmailing in a video and said:

I thought it was hilarious that he asked for my Snapchat. So I decided to make a humorous little video out of that one. Then he sends me such messages, essentially blackmailing me. First and foremost, buddy, I have tattoos on each of my hands. You’d be likely to see my tattoos if those photographs were of me. If I had followed you on Snapchat, I would have acknowledged your DM. And sent you my Snapchat at a certain time. So, why is your DM still attached to my request? Why didn’t your direct message go through? Since I never replied to you.

Unbeknownst to James Charles, Murda was prepared and took action on time. So far, the makeup guru has not responded to this and might be in hiding.

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