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James Charles Addresses Accusations Of Bullying Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler

James Charles addresses accusations of bullying Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler

In a new video, James Charles cleared the allegations of bullying Maddie and Kenzie Zeigler. Years old video is going viral again.

Although YouTubers and influencers thrive with new controversies, James Charles has built his entire empire on scandals. Since the beginning, he has been a part of one troubling news after another. From being a terrible friend to grooming underaged boys, he’s been accused of all. Recently, an old video of him and the Ziegler sisters went viral. In the video, it seems that he is constantly bullying Kenzie. Meanwhile, he gets along fine with Maddie. However, the makeup guru claims that the video is edited to look like that. In a recent video, he explained the entire scenario and addressed the issue.

James Charles

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Despite being an ace makeup artist, James Charles cannot stay away from trouble

There’s no denying that Charles is immensely talented. After his high school yearbook pictures went viral, he became an overnight sensation. Shortly after, he started his own YouTube channel where he posted incredible makeup tutorials. Apart from gaining millions of followers, James Charles is the first male model CoverGirl model. However, he is also famous for his countless controversies. In 2017, he was accused of making racist jokes about Africa and the Ebola virus. At the same time, many have accused him of making transphobic comments. However, it is the grooming and SA accusations that really got the fans of James Charles angry. In 2019, Instagram model Gaga Gomez claimed that Charles pressured him into s**ual situations. Similarly, at least three underage boys have said that James Charles asked them for nude pictures and groomed them. Despite these serious allegations, none of the brands have cut ties with him.

Recently, Charles addressed the allegations of bullying Maddie and Kenzie Zeigler

James Charles Addresses Accusations Of Bullying Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler

In 2018, James Charles invited Maddie and Kenzie Zeigler on his YouTube channel. Both sisters became famous after participating in Dance Moms. According to the video, the sisters will do the makeup of James Charles. While it’s an old video, many people have edits of it, claiming that James Charles bullied Kenzie and mistreated her. The edits of the original videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube. However, James Charles denies the allegations. In a recent video, he reacted to his old videos, including the one with the Zeigler sisters. At one point in the video, Charles tells Kenzie that she is never going to win. According to him, this line was taken out of context. Prior to the makeup challenge, he asked the sister who will win. To which Kenzie signaled towards Maddie. This prompted Charles to say that she is never going to win with that attitude. He said:

“This person basically edited this together to make it look like I was bullying Kenzie the entire video, which did not happen. I’m gonna tell you guys, I have been getting literal death threats and hate comments from this video going re-viral for several months now, to the point where we literally had to take down the original YouTube video from 2018 because people were being so, so beyond negative, and we just couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

James Charles

Furthermore, James Charles shared a DM he exchanged with Kenzie which indicated that they were on good terms. Unfortunately, it is his own mistakes that have led people to blame him for everything. Do you think James Charles will ever learn from his past experiences? Let us know in the comments.


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