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Jameela Jamil Breaks Silence On Her Controversial Appearance On Russell Brand’s Podcast

Comedian and radio host, Russell Brand gets beneath the surface in his new critically acclaimed podcast, Under The Skin. In his podcast, Brand touches upon significant subjects including Comedy, Popular Culture, Arts, and Philosophy. After picking an intelligent topic for discourse, Brand installs himself in the presence of an industry veteran to relay insightful, and novel data on the subject. In the past, Brand has had sensible conversations with celebrities including Byron Katie and Derren Brown on his podcast, all of which were subject to positive critical responses. Recently, Brand sat down with The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil to cover yet another front-and-center social issue; Mental Health. Fans were; however, not thrilled with Jamil’s appearance on Brand’s podcast. But Jameela Jamil successfully shut down all hate.  The  Good Place Season 4

Actress and feminist-in-progress Jameela Jamil has always been a champion for forums for mental health awareness.  Yet, her appearance on Russell Brand’s podcast shocked the world. In addition to; of course, invoking her fans’ anger. In her latest Instagram post; however, Jamil was able to justify her appearance on the Under The Skin Podcast, along with reciprocating fan-love for the same.

Explaining The Hate For Russell Brand

Over the years, Brand’s public and personal dealings have often erupted in controversies. His marriage and eventual separation with Katy Perry made him subject to misogyny accusations.  Later, when his relationship with Jemima Goldsmith ended, there were claims about his inappropriate behavior, and lose character. In 2013, Brand got engulfed in yet another controversy, after he exclaimed admiration for the Nazis at the GQ awards. There are several tales detailing Brand’s offensive and sexist behavior during his relationships and public appearances. Hence, for Brand’s toxic conduct in the past, Jameela Jamil fans were unhappy about her appearance on his podcast.  The  Good Place Season 4

Why Was Jameela Jamil On Brand’s Podcast Under My Skin?

Jameela Jamil, who has a reputation for her activism (especially against body shamers) made heads turn as she appeared on Under The Skin with Russell Brand. Jamil, in spite of all Brand’s controversies, has nonetheless opted to support him. She insists that she doesn’t intend to “devalue progress” by “canceling people” forever.

Jamil insists that she has seen Russell Brand own up to all his wrongdoings. And the man is trying his best to make amends about the same. The Good Place actress mentions that Brand is not using his big platform to get away from the mistakes he has done. Rather,  through Under The Skin, Brand is tirelessly making attempts to grow as a person and to educate others to do the same. Brand is using his dark past as a teaching tool, an agent of change. And since nobody can be perfect, there is a lot to obtain from Brand’s revamped persona. The  Good Place Season 4, Russell Brand Katy Perry

How Are Fans Reacting?

Fans were initially angry with Jamil for appearing on Russell Brand’s podcast. Following her Instagram post; however, the anger has abated, thus making way for appreciation and acceptance.

Jameela Jamil’s appearance on Under The Skin is a significant representation of allowing people to grow. Her efforts definitely imbue positivity and grace into the atmosphere. The Good Place Season 4, Russell Brand Katy Perry