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Jake Paul & Julia Rose Are Back At It Again

Jake Paul & Julia Rose Are Back At It Again

Guess who is back, back again? Our very own famous and controversial YouTuber, Jake Paul, is back with his girlfriend Julia Rose. For all those people who still don’t know about Jake Paul’s new girlfriend, well, she is a model/reality star. Oh, and she is also CEO of the digital magazine SHAGMAG.

Jake Paul officially started seeing Julia Rose right after his split up with Cancelled podcast host. Their relationship is as perfect as riding a sleek sports car on a road full of rocks and nails.

Jake Paul Has A Thing For Posting Explicit Pictures

As we all know Jake posts very explicit photos every now and then. We have seen a lot of photos of him with his ex-wife Cancelled podcast host in semi-nude poses.

We have seen lots of photos of his girlfriend ‘Julia Rose’ on his Instagram. But it’s the very first time that he has posted something super explicit with her.

Jake Paul And Julia Rose

Alright, so before we move any further, grab hold of handy lights because we badly need to put these two under the spotlight. Let’s take a look at the caption first :

“she’s a handful”.

We all know what ‘handful’ means in Jake’s dictionary. Oh wait, you guys don’t know? Stop being naughty because I am not going to write it down for you.

Let’s move on to the toenail now. A few months ago Kylie Jenner faced a huge backlash from the fans about her short toe. And now Jake Paul is facing the same backlash from his fans regarding his big toe. Some fans shared that he should have censored the foot because they are finding it weirdly frightful.

I swear I didn’t even look at the toenail until I scrolled through the comments section. I was like dude what the beep beep. I mean when you first look at the picture, your eyes only focus on Jake’s hand holding them big bulbs.

On the other hand, Jake’s facial expressions are equally debatable as his toenail. But we will save that debate for later and just hope that Jake and Julia are in this together for the long run. Because they both look really good together. And I guess Julia understands Jake’s personality better than the Cancelled podcast host.

Oh, We Are Not Done Yet

Jake posted another picture on his Instagram story in which Julia Rose is twerking against him.

A few days ago the Cancelled podcast host posted a video of her twerking against a refrigerator. As per fans, she was missing Jake because she was seen doing the same thing with him a couple of times. They also had a similar picture taken in their engagement photo which you can see on the left side of the picture collage.

Now let’s jump to the shady part. A few days ago Cancelled podcast host stopped following Jake on Instagram. But Jake is still following her. And per fans, the reason why Jake created the same twerking picture pose with Julia is that they both want to throw shade at Jake’s ex-wife. Who for once is trying to act like a grown-up and has happily moved on too.

What do you guys think about this whole let’s act like teenagers thing and throw shade at somebody who is actually trying to move on? Or, is there a possibility that all of this is a coincidence?

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