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Jake Paul is jealous of James Charles Streamys nomination?

Jake Paul is jealous of James Charles Streamys nomination?

Jake Paul is coming up with a claim about the 2020 Streamy Awards. He did not get a nomination and he shared something controversial about the awards this year. Jake seems to believe that the people who got nominated for a Streamy this year only did so because members of their PR team slept with the owners of the Streamy Awards. People are assuming that Jake was talking about James Charles since he has been nominated for a Streamy. Moreover, Jake started his video on Instagram saying ‘Hi, Sister’.

What did Jake Paul say about the Streamys?

At first, Jake Paul pretended to be emotional and cry about him not getting a nomination for this year’s Streamys. The younger Paul brother let his heart out saying that he put so much effort into his content creation this year that it was really sad for him to not receive the nomination.

My friends wanted me to be honest about this. And I just wanted to get something off my chest. But Like I didn’t get nominated for the tenth annual Streamy Awards. And it just like hurts. I feel like I’ve given so much and sacrificed so much to this creator community. And it just doesn’t seem fair coz all these people are getting nominated.

However, soon after, he says this and starts laughing:

Then I just had to remind myself that uh no one watches the f**king streamys.

He also goes on to make a fake apology and pretends to apologize for everything he said. Jake Paul also refers to his friends and asks if his apology is ‘okay’ or not. There’s even mention of an apology script.

Jake Paul Claims that the nominees didn’t win by merit

It seems like Jake Paul is dead set on thinking that he did not receive the nomination because there was some unfair nominee selection happening this year.

Jake made a big claim by saying that people who were nominated for the Streamys only did so because their PR members slept with the Streamys heads.

I heard a rumor that uh. I’m just gonna say it. A lot of people’s PR teams have been sleeping with the owners of the Streamy Awards in order to get them nominated.

People are also thinking that he was talking about James Charles because he started the video by saying, ‘Hi, sister!’

That ‘Hi, sister’ line is associated with James Charles as he starts all his videos with it.

People are thinking that Jake Paul is just jealous

While there were a few that were actually believing what Jake Paul was saying, many are thinking this is just happening because Jake is upset over not getting a nomination.

Tweet Fan

There were many people that were not appreciating Jake Paul’s comments:

Jake Hate Comments
Fan Comments Jake Streamys

Many were simply not believing Jake Paul at all:

Jake Lies

There were some that even think Jake Paul might have been on some drugs:

jake using drugs

Well, James Charles has not commented on the situation yet. But it would be awkward if the two run into each other since James Charles is Logan Paul’s neighbor.

Let’s wait and see what happens next. We’ll keep you updated.

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