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Jake Paul Gets Called Out by Sir Yacht!

The 22-year-old vine-star who recently got married (Infamously known as fake-marriage) in a crazy Las Vegas wedding, is in the news again. Sir Yacht called out the husband to TM and younger brother to Logan Paul. This was over a post-match (Logan Paul v KSI ) tweet by Jake. The reaction video by Yacht became the high-light after Keemstar took it up.

Jake Paul was an emotional-wreck after Logan Paul lost the match

The Tweet in question came after the hugely-anticipated boxing rematch came to a dramatic close on the 9th of November. Logan and KSI met each-other for the second time to settle the scores. The re-match went in favor of the Brit who won by 57-54, 56-55, 55-56.

The victory, however, turned into Referee Jack Reiss controversy and left Logan Paul’s fans and family members including, Jake Paul and TM, quite unhappy and furious.

While the elder brother accepted the decision, the enraged younger brother, Jake Paul, shared his emotions with the world.

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Why was Paul Jr Called-out on the Tweet?

There is no particular beef between Jake and Yacht. The two names have never been seen together in any controversy prior to this. According to Sir Yacht, some of the things Jake Paul mentioned in the Tweet are simply false.

He claims to have grown up in the same town as Jake’s and seems to particularly disagree with one thing Jake Paul said.

We never had shit.. we owned a landscaping company and worked for minimum wage.

Sir Yacht made a video in response to this, in which he basically negates the statement made by Jake. According to him Logan and Jake Paul’s parents were real estate tycoons and the brothers never really saw any hardships (financial hardships).
He goes on to say that TM’s husband is a liar.
Now I don’t know if the claims have any weight to them but it has surely given Sir Yacht a lot of social media hype and he knows that.
The fact that Keemstar took up my video and Jake Paul made it to my DMs means that I have officially made it.