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Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner Spark Dating Rumors!

Jacob Elordi has become something of an overnight sensation with his role in HBO’s Euphoria. And with his chiseled good looks and captivating performance, there’s no surprise there either. So, after recent pictures of Jacob Elordi hanging out with Kendall Jenner came to light, fans were left screaming!

The two were spotted together at dinner in Paris, presumably for Paris Fashion Week.

Fan reaction to Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner
Fan reaction to dating rumors

So what’s the tea?

Well, what happens when a supermodel and a sensational actor are seen together? They are bound to get noticed. And the same thing happened when Kendall Jenner and Jacob Elordi were sitting next to each other at dinner. Some of their pictures were posted on Instagram by “Mustafa the Poet”.

And while there were other people at the dinner, Jacob and Kendall are what caught fans’ eyes! Seen sitting together at the table with their shoulders touching was enough to send fans in a frenzy. And while nothing significantly romantic seems to be going on. This is enough to start dating rumors.

Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner now official?

Absolutely not! While the rumors are going at full force, Kendall Jenner is still with NBA star Devin Booker. The two made their relationship official on Instagram in June 2018, and things haven’t seemed to change.

Jacob Elordi has also been linked to co-star Zendaya in the past. However, the most recent rumors surround him and social media personality, Olivia Jade. When they were spotted grabbing coffee together!

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