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Jaclyn Hill Clarifies Her Video About Drinking Blood Was A Joke Instead Of A Satanic Ritual

American entrepreneur and media personality, Jaclyn Hill has been under fire for posting a creepy video. In the video Hill and her husband are seen drinking each other’s blood. Fans took a quick notice and started dragging Jaclyn and her husband on social media. According to the fans, Hill is promoting satanic rituals by posting such videos on her channel. Jaclyn has been in the makeup industry for more than a decade. Moreover, she has made her name by collaborating with big names. She has a successful career and big fan following. Unfortunately, her followers could not agree with her video. To them, it was not a joke. Fans of Jaclyn Hill think she is promoting Satanic Ritual.

Megan Fox and MGK inspiration

Megan Fox and MGK weird yet funny statements about one another has internet in chokehold. Netizens are almost tired of this couple for exposing one another’s relationship in the way public does not want to know. Fox, in a recent interview with Glamour UK, has stated that they do drink each other’s blood.

It’s controlled where its like, ‘Let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it. He’s more haphazard, hectic and chaotic, where he’s willing just to cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, ‘Take my soul’.

While some hate to hear this couple talk, others like to follow them. And this is what Jaclyn Hill and her husband did.

Jaclyn Hill addressed the video of ‘Satanic Ritual’

She took to her Instagram and showed fans the negative dms she has been receiving. Jaclyn Hill addressed the apparent satanic ritual video and said:

I don’t want to get into spirituality, I am a Jesus lover. I am a believer and I am strong in my faith. This was a joke, and if they wanna use it for demonic purposes or satanic rituals, that’s on them. That’s not my journey, but that’s on them. Me and Jordan drank beet juice as a joke, making fun of how ridiculous it is that they are drinking each other’s blood. Don’t come for me and my faith.

Well!! So in short, Jaclyn Hill was making fun of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s blood drinking ritual.

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