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Jaclyn Glenn urges Shane Dawson to help Eugenia Cooney

Jaclyn Glenn has broken her silence on Eugenia Cooney again. Ever since Shane Dawson made a video on her return, Eugenia has started to appear thinner in her videos. That has led to many fans thinking that she has relapsed into her old eating disorder. She went to rehab when Jaclyn Glenn and her other mutual friends did an intervention and brought mental health professionals. That led to Eugenia being taken away to a rehab center for an eating disorder. As per Eugenia, she was betrayed and misled by her friends. As per Jaclyn, they were trying to save her life.

Jaclyn Glenn was staying silent but she had to speak up on the matter

The YouTuber says that she was staying away from all the news related to Eugenia Cooney. It was something that was mentally affecting her because she still cares about Eugenia. However, things got to an extreme turn when someone made a fake account in Jaclyn’s name and came on Eugenia’s twitch and made an apology. Eugenia ended up realizing it was fake and shared that she wants nothing to do with Jaclyn anymore.

Eugenia shared this when she thought it was actually Jaclyn initially:

I just really fully feel like I don’t know um like I wish you the best you in life and everything you know like everything that happened I’ll just say like it ended up being like very traumatic and where I was sent was like very traumatic.

To this Jaclyn shares her side of the story:

Because I really do feel like she views the fact that she had to go somewhere as my doing. As though like I’m the one who forced her into this place. But in reality, it wasn’t just me. It was a group of her closest friends. I’m sure she’ll deny that now. But a group of us sat down with her told her our concerns and had a mental health professional show up who could evaluate her. Actually there were two women who showed up that wanted to speak with her. And decided then after their conversation with her she needed to go into some kind of rehab facility. I did not force her anywhere. And I can’t legally do that. I don’t have that right.

Jaclyn shares that the only thing she did was set up the intervention with proper professionals who ‘have the right to do something and intervene if they thought she was in serious danger to herself.’

Even though people would disagree with Jaclyn’s decision, she herself fully stands by it. Moreover, Jaclyn also addresses Eugenia directly.

Jaclyn’s own message to Eugenia

Jaclyn Glenn knows that Eugenia Cooney wants nothing to do with her and won’t speak to her. But if there’s a chance she would see that video, this is Jaclyn’s message to her:

I always will love you I will always care about you. I will always be here for you at the drop of a hat if you need anything from me I am there.

Jaclyn furthermore shares:

I’m hoping at some point maybe one day she will view things a little bit differently and if that happens. I am here, I don’t care if it’s tomorrow, I don’t care if it’s in three years.

Jaclyn says Eugenia won’t listen to her anymore, so she’s imploring Shane Dawson to help Eugenia

In the video, Jaclyn shows us some bits and pieces of the Twitch Stream and discusses how people can actually help Eugenia Cooney. The YouTuber explains that Eugenia does not want to speak to Jaclyn anymore. She says she cares very much about Eugenia but she is helpless and can do nothing about it. Hence, she directs her concern to Shane Dawson:

Shane, you got a lot of pats on the back. Everybody thought you were some kind of hero for bringing her back into the spotlight where people could then watch her give back into this negative behavior that clearly has taken over again. Where are you now? Where is Shane now?

Jaclyn Glenn also adds that Shane Dawson got a lot of attention and views for his Eugenia Cooney video in July 2020. But now Eugenia has relapsed into her self-destructive patterns and she’s becoming much thinner again. She also shares that people are commenting on Eugenia’s Instagram photos saying she’s thinner and Eugenia only views them as positive comments. So, Eugenia Cooney returning to social media and YouTube and Twitch has only been enabling her past destructive patterns.

Jaclyn Glenn also talks about how Kati Morton, a YouTuber, and a mental health professional actually advised Jaclyn to do the intervention. But now a few months later, Kati is now sitting with Eugenia and listening to her story as if she did not know anything about it:

Where is Katie Morton? I have all kinds of issues with her by the way I brought it up before. But she’s the one who told me exactly what to do. And then she sits there with Eugenia after the fact and talks about how horrible this experience must have been for her.

Moreover, Jaclyn Glenn shares that there were some YouTubers who were attacking Jaclyn and saying that Eugenia is actually healthy now. But now when Eugenia Cooney appears to be in a dire position, none of the YouTubers are saying anything about it.

All those YouTubers that defended her. That said I was wrong and that she was getting better. Are they doing anything to help? Are they not concerned? They actually still have contact with her. That is something that she will not grant me for the foreseeable future, if not ever. Where are they? What are they doing?  You know who they are.  Don’t direct these questions and concerns and all of your energy towards me.  I am useless at this point. I played all of my cards and I’m out. You guys can reach out to other people who are still in her life who she might be willing to listen to.

Eugenia Cooney has a different sense of reality

Another controversy is happening around Eugenia Cooney and how she is allowing predators and harmful people to stay as moderators in her streams even though people are telling her to do something about it.

To this Jaclyn Glenn didn’t go into detail, she did mention some youTube videos people can watch to understand the story better. Moreover, Jaclyn also shared that Eugenia has a warped sense of reality. So, when she’s not doing enough to take substantial action against harmful mods on her Stream, it could be because she doesn’t understand that they are harmful.

People were nice to her therefore she thought of them as good people. If someone is critical of her and brings up real issues that she is then forced to confront they are viewed as bullies. I am not trying to defend her actions. But I do want to say that I have had different experiences with her that truly make me believe that she does not understand when situations are bad or when they’re inappropriate.

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