Jacksepticeye and Wiishu Heartbreaking Split

After we speculated that they broke up from a 3-year long relationship, YouTubers Jacksepticeye and Wiishu have confirmed their emotional split.

One of the most followed YouTubers from the globe- Jacksepticeye and his vlogger girlfriend Wiishu broke up. The two have confirmed their emotional split on social media for their followers. And their heartbreaking love story could make it to 3 years together only. Apparently, the couple is still hurting although it has been a few months since they decided to split up. Both of them wrote their own feelings on social media after they broke up. And fans could not be more shattered.

Why Did The YouTubers Split Up?

Jacksepticeye- the Irish internet star whose real name is Sean McLoughlin has about 20 million subscribers. The popular YouTuber posts gaming commentary and comedy sketches. He had been dating Wiishu- the Danish social media influence whose real name is Signe Hansen for the past three years. Both YouTubers were living together in Brighton and their split was not easy decision for either one. On Wednesday, Jacksepticeye posted on Twitter announcing that they broke up a few months back. And that it was not an easy decision but people change and lives move in different directions. The message also said that both YouTubers would appreciate if people didn’t spread rumors or gossip about their split.

Wiishu also posted online saying that for a long while there had been rumors concerning that the YouTubers broke up. She said that it took some time to share it with everyone because they were still hurting and suffering from emotional pain. Further, she claimed that rumors have been blaming the split on her. But it was unfair since she had always been supportive of Jacksepticeye and now is doing the same after they broke up. Wiishu also said that despite the breakup, she will continue creating content for her audience. Even if it will not be in different surroundings. Lastly, she requested people to request their privacy because despite everything they were still hurting.

YouTubers who date one another often face a lot of pressure. They mostly make money by giving away intimate details of their relationships to their followers. And that’s something that Jacksepticeye and Wiishu did as well. Naturally, the fans have been quite involved ever since they broke up.

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