Jack Wright Details Horrifying Sexual Assault He Endured By Sienna Mae Gomez In New YouTube Video

Jack Wright Details Horrifying Sexual Assault He Endured By Sienna Mae Gomez In New YouTube Video

Hype House’s Jack Wright has revealed the details of his traumatic sexual assault that was done by YouTuber Sienna Mae Gomez. In a 17 minute video titled ‘what sienna mae did to me’, Wright explains how Sienna was just a friend to him and she constantly took advantage of him and sexually assaulted him numerous times.

The history of the Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright story

Around May 2021, Jack’s friend Mason Rizzo made a tweet claiming that Sienna Mae Gomez sexually assaulted and continues to sexually assault Jack Wright. This was something Jack’s twin brother, James Wright, also agreed to.

Mazon Rizzo Tweet about Jack Wright sexual assault

However, at the time, Jack Wright didn’t make any videos about the situation, he only made a statement thanking everyone for their support to him.

Sienna Mae Gomez aggressively denied these allegations and threatened to sue for defamation. She said that everyone is lying and that there is no truth to these claims. Gomez also made a claim that it was someone else that sexually assaulted Jack Wright:

“We both know what happened and we both know who it was and we both know that i was not at that gathering that night. I’m so disappointed in you and the people around you because they are letting you misplace your trauma onto me. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. It’s not my place to speak your story. And I will not discuss this any further but it’s not your place to allow false allegations to be spread about me. When we both know that i was not the one who did this to you.”

She also claimed that Jack only used her for views and to get more famous on TikTok. Sienna said that she actually loved him but he didn’t return her feelings back and only used her for content.

Soon after, Jack Wright made a statement in June 2021, implying that what Sienna was saying is not true:

“While I love sharing my life with all of you, some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share for my own emotional and mental wellbeing.But I will say this. Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences. Mason and James’ only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time. I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.”

Now, in January 2022, Jack Wright has said that Sienna Mae Gomez did sexually assault him multiple times and detailed all the events in a YouTube video

Jack Wright clarified that he and Sienna Mae Gomez were always friends and in his eyes, they were never in a relationship. Sienna tried to be his girlfriend and made unwanted advances multiple times. But he always said no to those advances because he didn’t like her that way.

He started off the video by addressing the tweets by his friend Mason and his brother, James. Jack shared that they all decided to keep things offline and tried to settle it privately using lawyers and their respective families. But Jack shared that Sienna made a video invalidating his feelings:

“She basically posted eight minute video invaliding my feelings saying untrue stuff about me about my friend and my brother. I think the most hurtful thing is that what she did to me she said it was untrue. That hurt a lot. After that video, another one of my friends came out with the video when I was at a party like passed out on the couch. When they told me about what happened uh they said they pulled her off of me. My twin, a friend and another friend got an argument with Sienna saying, ‘You can’t do that. Jack doesn’t like you like that.’ That night she posted a 15 part aggressive video gaslighting everything about what happened. Saying how much she loved me and that I was using her for clout which was all lies. It was typical gaslighting a victim.”

Then Jack Wright talked about how one of the TikTokers explained how hard it is for a male victim to come out and share his story and how male victims are often gaslighted by society.

There was also mention of a video where Sienna Mae Gomez is taking advantage of Jack Wright who’s passed out asleep. When she moves, his hand falls down. Sienna used this as evidence that he was up and aware of what was happening. However, Jack’s friends knew he was asleep and got Sienna off of him because he was being taken advantage of. Jack says this wasn’t the only time this happened, Sienna would often take advantage of Jack when he was passed out asleep, or in his most vulnerable and emotional state.

Then Jack Wright explained what his friendship and bond with Sienna Mae Gomez was actually like. Jack explained that he and Sienna met in high school when Sienna was dating Jack’s close friend. However, that relationship ended badly because Sienna cheated on her boyfriend twice. But Jack gave Sienna a second chance because he always likes to see the good in people.

So, they started to hang out right around the time that Jack had joined the Hype House:

“I was in the hype house. I was going back and forth from L.A. And Sienna had just gone viral on a couple videos. She reached out to me and basically asked if i want to do an interview with her in L.A. And I said, ‘Of course!’ We hung out. Reconnected. I showed her around the Hype House. Introduced her to all my friends and I was happy for her and we just had fun hanging out. I just want to clarify that we both knew that we were just friends. She was seeing and talking to other guys in L.A. all the time. And I just thought of her as a good friend. We were making videos we were making dance trends. We had fun. It was just strictly friends and we both knew that at this point nothing inappropriate was happening between us.”

Then the first incident of Sienna Mae Gomez sexually assaulting him occurred:

“So the first incident where Sienna crossed boundaries, it was after filming. We went into the room. I was just chilling on my phone on the bed and she got naked, like completely naked, nothing on. And straddled me when I was literally just chilling on the bed. But I didn’t know what to do in like the situation because it was like random and weird.”

Then Jack Wright told her to get off and stop trying to be sexual with him because they were just friends.

“I kept on saying, ‘Sienna stop! Get off!’ I like I didn’t want to like be like aggressive. I don’t want to hurt her you know so I pulled her off of me. And it took like a couple tries because I don’t want to be like too rough. And I went out of the room and that was like the end of it.”

The next morning Sienna Mae Gomez apologized to Jack Wright and said that it won’t happen again. She says she doesn’t know what happened to her, and she lost control but that it won’t happen again.

“She was like ‘I’m so sorry for doing that. I don’t know what went through my head.’ I had to clarify again that I didn’t like her that way. We were just friends. She said sorry. That was it. After that, these type of things kept happening. She would do something and I would forgive her and she said it wouldn’t happen again. And we would go on making fun videos after all those type of things kept on happening.”

Then there was a Hawaii incident where Sienna Mae Gomez groped an unconscious Jack Wright. Jack’s friends had to pull Sienna off. There was also video evidence of that and Jack says he’s glad there is evidence proving that she did take advantage of him.

Sienna Mae Gomez put Jack Wright in a vicious cycle where she would take advantage of him and then later apologize but keep repeating her abusive behavior.

At one point, she got angry at him for posting a picture with other girls. Even though Sienna was seeing other guys in L.A. She would aggressively fight with him and shout at him and then try to make out with him without his consent. Jack Wright says:

“I don’t know why I stayed friends with her or stayed around her. Truly thought she was gonna change for some reason. I feel like she’d say she had so much love for me and she truly cared for me. And then the next night she would do something like that. She knew I had those boundaries so when I was at my most like vulnerable state like when I was arguing, getting heated or when I was asleep or passed out. That’s when she would take advantage of me because she knew I was at my most vulnerable state. When I’m awake, I hated it. I hated that touch. And I hated any intimacy with her because I knew we’re just friends. I didn’t want that from her.”

It became clear to Jack Wright that Sienna didn’t respect his boundaries and his space. She would often show up to his house uninvited, at one point she even came to his room while he was sleeping and had her hand in his crotch.

“She would constantly come to my house. Remember my door codes. It like it got to the point where I had to like start screaming at her so I get out of my house because I was so sick of her just like breaking into my house. I would wake up and see her car just sitting outside at like two in the morning. She would break into my house. And when I was sound asleep she’d come to my room and I’d wake up to her hand and my pants. It wasn’t like the only time it happened too. I was so like used to it.”

Jack Wright says that he would often blame himself for the abuse but then he realized that he was just being manipulated Sienna Mae Gomez. Gomez would tell him that she cares for him but then kept on repeating the hurtful abusive behavior.

“One night she started ripping off my clothes, touching my crotch area, trying to make out with me. I mean it was just like same old same old. Like I’d say, ‘Sienna stop! Sienna stop. Go back to the couch.’ She can’t stop so I like locked the door she was trying to get in. And I literally just slept on the floor and she finally went to bed. It’s like very awkward the next morning and she’ll say sorry and I’m like, ‘Sienna this happens so many times like you do not respect boundaries.’

At another point, Sienna and her family planned a trip to Hawaii on the same dates that Jack and his family had planned. Jack ended up going on a later date with his friends and Sienna made her way onto this trip as well.

She would fight with him and at one instance, she trapped him in the bathroom and didn’t let him leave. Then in another incident, Sienna Mae Gomez picked the lock of the bathroom where Jack was taking a shower. After that Jack permanently ended things with him because it got too much for him.

Later on Jack Wright got to find out that Sienna had sexually assaulted other guys too, all of whom messaged Jack Wright.

Jack Wright shares messages from other male victims of Sienna Mae Gomez
Jack Wright | YouTube

Jack Wright says that he doesn’t know if Sienna Mae Gomez will admit that she sexually assaulted Jack Wright and the other victims. But he doesn’t want anyone else to go through the trauma and pain that he did, that’s why he’s speaking out and sharing his truth.

He also shared with his viewers that he’s always there for them if they went through anything similar and that their feelings are valid.

If you’re watching right now and you’ve been through a situation like mine. I just wanted to say your feelings are valid. Your feelings are valid your opinion is valid believe you and I want you to know that you can talk to someone you can talk to anyone you can talk to me.

Jack Wright

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.

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