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#IStandWithGabbie trends on Twitter after Gabbie Hanna addresses drama

We know Gabbie Hanna is no stranger to drama. And the whole everybody has something to say about Gabbie drama from six months ago, was finally addressed by the YouTuber. She kept her silence about the matter during this time and finally spoke up the day her latest EP, Bad Karma, dropped. The whole thing started when Trisha Paytas uploaded a video explaining how Gabbie lies. Trisha was addressing a rumor The Gabbie Show started about her having herpes. Then, several of her friends start to talk about how she is a manipulator. After the Jessi video where he says that she supported his rapist, Curtis Lepore, Gabbie was deemed canceled.

However, after she uploads the video addressing the drama, Gabbie Hanna uploads another video about the whole situation. This seems to be her attempt to redeem herself. And it seems that it worked. Not minutes after the video, Twitter trends #IstandwithGabbie across the country.

Gabbie Hanna fans trend #istandwithGabbie on Twitter after the drama.

Gabbie Hanna drama

The whole deal with the situation was that the Gabbie Hanna drama was intended to shut her down. While the coinciding timing of her addressing the drama and her EP release is sketchy, she explains that too in the video. As the pinned comment says,

People often question why I didn’t make a video response when everything first happened. This is why. At this time in my life, my main and only focus was to regain my mental health and not allow myself to reach a place of self-harm. Difficult emotions take a lot of time, patience, energy, and thought to process and heal from. Thank you for being a supportive community that can hold space for me and isn’t afraid to see me when I feel most vulnerable.

Gabbie Hanna, in part two of her addressing the drama, talks about how the whole situation took a toll on her mental health. She sings her song ‘Special’ from the Bad Karma EP and also explains the thought process behind it. Soon enough, #IstandwithGabbie trends on twitter

The trend is a long thread of ‘for and against’ back and forth tweets between fans and stans. Gabbie Hanna then acknowledged it saying that her fans’ support saves her life:

when i break, you guys are always there to piece me back together i’m sorry for hiding for so long. i really do love you guys, thank you for loving me back, and thank you for loving the music. and thank you for your patience with me.

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