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Is Tony Lopez Dating Sarah Jade Bleau?

Is Tony Lopez Dating Sarah Jade Bleau?

OMG! We might have another new couple in town and it’s none other than the very dazzling Tony Lopez and TiktokStar Sarah Jade Bleau. Guess Tony is following his brother’s lead and finally giving his heart to a girl who is not only beautiful but also has a very bubbly personality. And she is also famous for her robotic dance moves.

So a few days ago Sarah posted a Tiktok video and Tony was the first one to comment on it ‘See you soon’. Sarah replied to his comment and that’s how this new couple sizzled lots of sparks on TikTokroom’s Instagram page.

We all know Tony has been MIA for quite a few weeks. But he recently appeared in his brother Ondreaz Lopez’s Instagram stories. And if you go through Sarah’s and Tony’s recent Tiktok videos, you will see how fans are reacting to their relationship. Why? Because Tony had to face some serious consequences for using racial remarks and asking minor fans inappropriate things. Which not only affected his reputation, but also his featured merch.

What’s cooking between Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau?

So, a few months ago Sarah made a Tiktok on Ondreaz Lopez’ song ‘No Baila’. She even tagged Ondreaz and Tony in the description. And both the brothers appreciated her dance moves.

And let’s see what Tony had to say about Sarah’s killer moves, “Kill it, love.”

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And then a month later Tony made a duet TikTok with Sarah and complimented her dance moves once again:

Now let’s fast forward to last week. We don’t really know if these two have ever met before. But they made a duet back in April.

Anyways, Sarah posted this video a few days ago, and guess who was the first person to post a comment on her Tiktok video? Obviously, Tony, he said ‘see you soon‘ and Sarah replied with a ‘can’t wait!’ in return.


✨olives✨ @sheluvdae


Sarah flew out from Canada to finally meet Tony after months of staying connected through social media. You can clearly hear his excitement in the video down below. And this is how these two made their second appearance in the Tiktokroom.

And Tony and Sarah recreated their duet on ‘100 Racks Milgrau‘. I seriously cannot handle their cuteness. Plus, they are totally killing these dance moves.




Though these two have not made any official statements about their relationship, a lot of fans think they are secretly dating each other. So just keep your fingers crossed and hope that these two can find happiness in each other’s company.

Last but not the least, some of the fans are saying some really sensitive things in the comments section. Yes, Tony made a huge mistake. And he is living with guilt with each and every passing day. He even admitted his mistakes and apologized to his fans.

Though what he did is unforgivable, wishing death for someone is too much. Please be kind in the comments section and spread positivity rather than hate. We don’t know what battles he has been fighting from the last few weeks. We all do mistakes, but we always want others to be kind towards our actions, even when they are unforgivable.

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