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Is Jake Paul Actually Quitting YouTube?

Is Jake Paul Actually Quitting YouTube?

It’s been four weeks since Jake Paul didn’t post anything on his YouTube channel. And fans are wondering if Jake is going to make a comeback or he is actually quitting YouTube? According to Jake, Youtube is just a dead-end for him and they don’t really pay much. Well, this is really an upsetting statement which is coming from a guy who started his career back in 2013 through YouTube’s platform.

The Reason Behind Jake Paul’s Upsetting Statement

Recently, Jake Paul has been caught up in a couple of controversies. From partying with hundreds of people to not following the COVID-19 SOPs. Jake is the one who is making his life difficult for himself and his career as these couple of controversies also include a thorough search of Jake’s home by the FBI.

Jake Paul was recently out and about his friends. When a reporter from The Hollywood Fix asked him if he is planning to work more on his music career

“I don’t fu*k with that youtube sh*t. It’s a dead end. They don’t pay sh*t.”

Is it safe to say that I got shocked for like a good two minutes? I guess someone should ask Jake Paul all of these serious questions when he is in a sober state.

You can clearly see in the video that Jake’s friends are trying to push him away from the reporters but he is resisting them. And saying stuff which he shouldn’t be saying on the camera.

Anyways, Jake Paul is busy in the shoot of his upcoming music video called the “23” with big brother Logan Paul.

Jake’s Big Brother ‘Logan Paul’ Talks About The FBI Raid On His Podcast

Logan Paul talks about the recent FBI raid at Jake’s place. Though Jake was in vegas practicing for his upcoming match with Nate.

“I will tell you what I know. I know what you know. I don’t know sh*t. I know my brother is okay. Pysically he is fine. But I don’t know. I am out of the loop on this one.”

Logan mentioned a couple of times he really doesn’t know anything about the raid. But he read an official statement by Jake’s attorney which goes as follows:

“We understand that a search warrant was executed at Jake’s Calabasas home this morning with Jake out of state. We are still gathering information, we will cooperate with the investigation.”

Guess that’s a mystery we will never find out. Stay tuned for more updates on the Logan Brothers.