Internet Reacts To Ace Family Being Homeless

Internet Reacts to Ace Family being homeless

After the news of the ACE Family going homeless came out, people reacted and responded on social media. Many were worried about their kids.

Last week, the internet was abuzz with the news of the ACE Family becoming homeless. After months of rumors and speculations, their home was put on auction. Despite the McBrooms denying it, the rumors turned out to be true. However, there were only two potential buyers but no one actually bought the house. It was put on auction for $9 million. After the news came out, Twitter had a lot to say.

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Despite the rumors, Austin and Catherine McBroom denied that their house is getting auctioned

Repeatedly, people asked them to answer the rumors and come clean. However, the couple chose to deny and blame their haters for the rumors. After months of legal and financial issues, the news of the ACE Family going homeless circulated on the internet. On Instagram stories, Austin McBroom shut down the rumors and said:

“Stop [capp]ing on me and my family’s name. Ain’t nobody getting evicted ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the haters say on the internet! If we were moving, we definitely would [have] informed the world and made a whole YouTube video about it. Have a good rest of your day.”

Similarly, his wife, Catherine denied the speculations about ACE Family becoming homeless and wrote:

“I have not spoken about any of this publicly but if I did I think most of the hateful; people that with us pain and failure would feel very stupid for ever assuming the worst. It’s just not fair how people can just assume that I don’t pay my bills or something.”

ACE Family homeless

However, the rumors were true and the house went up for auction

In a video doing rounds on social media, there is clear evidence that ACE Family is homeless and their house is up for auction. At the time of the auction, there were only two potential buyers. However, no one actually bought the house which was listed for $9 million. Therefore, it went back to the beneficiary. Unfortunately, the couple had spent almost $10 million to build their dream house. They combined two houses to build their own.

ACE Family homeless

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After it was confirmed that ACE Family is homeless, people reacted on social media

While some were happy to see ACE Family become homeless, others were worried about their kids. One Twitter user said:

the ace family built that giant ass house only for it to be taken by the bank and get them evicted

Meanwhile, another said:

the ace family getting foreclosed is a prime example of why YT should have a network of financial advisors for content creators of certain worth. u go from qualifying for a 9M house to not being able to pay ur debts?? that being said, fuck the ace family regardless they not funny

Another user reacted to the news of ACE Family going homeless and said:

The ace family really lost their house today at that auction—poor kids don’t deserve this but I can’t say the same for their scammer parents

In one tweet, the user highlighted that Austin McBroom does not understand the basic concepts of paying the bills.

Needless to say, people had a lot to say.

So far, there is no news of McBrooms or where they are living at the moment.

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