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Influencers And YouTubers Make Their Met Gala Debut In 2021

Influencers and YouTubers Make their Met Gala Debut in 2021

Despite the backlash and outrage from the people, influencers and YouTubers took over MET Gala 2021. Although they had to face a lot of criticism, it did not stop their invitations. From Addison Rae to Jackie Aina, YouTubers and TikTokers made their mark on the red carpet. While some had a glamorous debut on the red carpet, others missed the opportunity. However, everyone noticed these social media stars and their influence.

When the news of influencers attending MET Gala 2021 came out, people were not please

Although Anna Wintour is very particular about the guestlist, it came as a surprise when a fake seating arrangement was leaked. It stated that influencers, YouTubers, and TikTokers like Addison Rae, Jeffree Star, and James Charles will be attending the gala. According to people, the event is prestigious and only for the A-list celebrities. With the social media stars attending, it will lose its repute. This year’s theme is ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’. According to reports, MET Gala 2021 is focusing on highlighting young talent. Therefore, the inclusion of influencers is only natural.

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Despite the backlash, YouTubers and TikTokers rocked the red carpet

Influencers And YouTubers Make Their Met Gala Debut In 2021

Although few rumored influencers were not present, plenty of them showed up. From TikTokers to makeup gurus, the MET Gala 2021 red carpet glistened with the presence of these social media stars.

Addison Rae

From being a mere TikToker to a film star, Rae has reached her goals in just a few months. With the release of He’s All That, she has truly become a household name. On MET Gala 2021 red carpet, Addison Rae debuted blonde hair and stunned everyone in a red Tom Ford gown. Rumor has it, she recreated Britney Spears’ 2002 Grammy’s look.

Emma Chamberlain

Although she began her journey as a YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain has since become a fashion icon. She also featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in August this years. For her debut at the gala, she teamed up with Louis Vuitton to create a gold, shimmery outfit. At the same time, Chamberlain kept her makeup and accessories of the 60s era.

Nikkie de Jager (Nikkie Tutorials)

Infamously, she is known as Nikkie Tutorials and her incredible makeup skills. When she was just 14, Nikkie started her YouTube channel. According to her, she was inspired by Lauren Conrad’s makeup on The Hills. At the MET Gala red carpet, she gave a tribute to LGBTQ icon and activist, Marsha P. Johnson. Her dress featured the icon’s quote, Pay it no mind. At the same time, Nikkie wore a glorious floral headpiece.

Jackie Aina

Apart from Nikkie, another makeup expert and YouTuber stunned on the MET Gala 2021 red carpet. From the beginning, Jackie Aina captured the viewers’ attention with her boss lady attitude. At the same time, she focused on speaking up for the people of color in the beauty industry. Jackie Aina has collaborated with beauty brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Too Faced, and Sephora. In a pink Fe Noel gown, Aina introduced herself as Black Barbie on social media.

Eugene Lee Yang

Another influencer and YouTuber to grace the MET Gala 2021 red carpet is Eugene Lee Yang. Best known as one of the Try Guys members, Yang wears many hats when it comes to career. He is an actor, producer, director, author and LGBTQ+ activist. In a tuxedo suit, he stood out with dramatic makeup and jewelry.

Dixie D’Amelio

Although there were rumors of Charli D’Amelio also attending the gala, it was Dixie who made her debut. For her red carpet look, she went with a dramatic feathered headpiece, white gloves, and a little black dress. This Valentino outfit might remind some of Audrey Hepburn’s memorable look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Whether you hate them or love them, it is a fact that you cannot avoid them. Social media influencers, YouTubers and TikTokers are here to stay.

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