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Indya Moore of ‘Pose’ Highlights Trans Issues After Death of Sister Akiirah

Indya Moore, from “Pose”, is one of the few celebrities that we know of who use their television fame to raise awareness. Not only once, but they have continued to do so despite the hate that they get on social media. Moore, on several occasions, taught us to be compassionate and strive for equal rights. Following the death of her foster sister Akiirah, an emotional Indya Moore decided it was time to raise voice for trans people one more time.

Indya Moore Is Heartbroken Over Death of Akiirah

The trans celebrity from the TV show “Pose” Indya Moore was devastated after they discovered yet another death of transgender. Moore broke the news to us over two Instagram posts. In the first one, they revealed to us sad and disheartening news about the death of Akiirah Allen, a transgender.

Moore revealed that Akiirah used to be their foster sibling during the times they used to live in a foster community. Pose star told us the following about her death:

“Akiirah’s earthly life was lost at a NYC mta subway station two days ago where the train collided with her. At this time we don’t know if she was pushed or she jumped…. We don’t believe she would have killed herself- but it’s not my place to speculate because I haven’t been around..”

Moore has been incredibly vocal about the deaths of transgenders this year. She even mentioned that sister Akiirah death would make it a 23rd this year in 2019. That’s the figure only they have come to know of. Indya Moore posted photos of her upon receiving the news about her death. At that time, they did not know if the death was a murder or a simple accident.

However, none of that mattered to them as Moore remembered all the good times they had together when they were together, following her death:

“We used to smoke our herbals together.. She checked on me every now and then. I had her back whenever I could..”

Sister Akiirah’s Death Highlights Issues Facing Trans Community

Just a day ago, Indya Moore recalled the events that occurred leading to the death of Akiirah Allen. They clarified that the cause of her death was, what can be called, an accident:

“I was updated that Akiirah, went into the tracks to retrieve something and didn’t make it out on time.. Even though the information doesn’t piece together in my head quite right this is all I have.”

Moore still has doubts over what they were told about the death.

Pose celebrity opened their hearts so that they could pour out their emotions at this point. They talked about how departure from their families severely affects the longevity of a trans people’s life. Without love, support, and safety that a family system provides, a trans person has to go through life in a foster system, and eventually overcome unnecessary hate from society.

Moore believes that the reasons parents give up their transgender children away to foster houses is because they are not economically, psychologically and socially equipped to fight their battles. Not a word that they said can be challenged at this point.

“I just can’t help but imagine what our lives would be like if we had the presence of our families.”