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Importance of Rain Dove in Allegation Against Asia Argento

Rain Dove has revealed some conversations with Asia Argento that prove Jimmy Bennett's sexual harassment allegations somewhat right. And things are getting messier.

Recently,  actress Asia Argento was dragged in a bit of a controversy. The woman who played a major role in the #MeToo movement herself is facing allegations of sexually assaulting costar Jimmy Bennett when he was a minor. Previously, Jimmy Bennett agreed on a $380,000 settlement. But a few weeks back, Jimmy Bennett came up with his accusations. Although, Argento has denied all such claims, the story has become more complicated now. Rain Dove has now joined the Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett picture.

Who Is Rain Dove?

Rain Dove is a popular model and activist. He has not defined his gender clearly to the world. And does not care about the pronouns he is referred towards with. In an interview, the model explained that pronouns are simply just sounds. And if anybody wishes to address Dove, they could use anything ranging from him or they to even it. But Rain Dove simply would not care as long as what they are saying is respectful. Not only does Dove model for male brands but also for female ones.

Apart from the modelling career, Rain Dove is outspoken when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community. And is often involved in advocating for other gender non-conforming people. Dove has also been a close supporter of the #MeToo campaign. Particularly because of the ties that the model shares with Rose McGowan. McGowan herself was a victim of assault by Harvey Weinstein, and contributed to the campaign in its very initial days. Recently, Rose McGowan defended her fellow victim Asia Argento against the assault allegations launched by Jimmy Bennett. (Read full story here).

Rain Dove’s Involvement in Asia Argento’s Case

Apparently, Rain Dove took a trip to Berlin with partner Rose McGowan and her friend Asia Argento. After the suicide of Argento’s partner Anthony Bourdain, Dove and Asia have been fairly close to one another.

Recently, a few text message conversations between Asia Argento and Rain Dove leaked to the public. As per them, Argento was confiding in Rain Dove that she maintained a sexual relationship with Jimmy Bennett when he was 17. But it was only afterwards that she got to know that he was still a minor. Rain Dove also added that Asia Argento revealed that she received Bennett’s nudes ever since he was just 12 years of age. And even then, she took no action against those images.

Rain Dove immediately released these conversations to the police investigating the case. And consequently, they came out to the press as well.

Now that the conversations even further complicated the situation for Asia Argento, people have been raising suspicions. Most commonly, it is questioned as to why would the actress share her deepest secrets with Rain Dove. But stepping in on the issue, Rose McGowan released a statement. She claimed that Dove was always consulted on matters like these as she was good at guiding people on what to do next.

Even though Rose McGowan stated that Dove is a person who would keep things a secret, the revealed conversations paint another picture. But that’s solely because Rain Dove believes in justice and equality for all. Recently, in a tweet Dove wrote that with the #MeToo movement, everyone should get an equal treatment. Speculation says that the model was referring towards Asia Argento.

The Importance of Rain Dove’s Commitment

Rain Dove’s decision to hand in the conversations to the police have placed Asia Argento in an even more challenging position. It makes her contradict her own statements that she released denying any involvement or connection with Jimmy Bennett. And saying that she knew him only because he played her son in a movie.

With the conversations released, Asia Argento is going to have a hard time defending herself against allegations of sexual harassment. What needs attention here is that Jimmy Bennett getting his justice or proving his claims would never have been slightly successful without Rain Dove. If only the model did not send out the conversation, Asia Argento’s credibility would not have been in the doubts. And maybe, Jimmy Bennett would never succeed in his case sending out an open message to a lot many other assault victims that standing up might not always be a good option. But with Rain Dove standing up for what he believes in, things are a lot different.

Undoubtedly, Rain Dove’s commitment to having equality is remarkably worthy of praise. #MeToo was all about helping victims of sexual harassment. And bringing down the assaulter regardless of their gender. Keeping the actual spirit of the movement might have been a bit tough. But Rain Dove still chose to stand up for justice rather than cover up for a friend or loved one. As hard as it may be for a lot of us, Rain Dove believed in fair treatment. The model has set an example out here for everyone. Sexual harassment is no joke. And punishing the people responsible should be a priority over defending loved ones.

No comments are still received from Asia Argento or Jimmy Bennett over the leaked conversations.

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