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Imari Stuart Spills Interesting Tea About The Reality House Season 2

If you are a fan or a follower of the Cancelled podcast host TM, or even if you don’t really stan her but still keep an eye on her, then you must be familiar with Imari Stuart. Imari is Ts BFF, the kind one could only wish for. Their bond is unbreakable and we love it. Apart from T’s MTV reality shows, Imari is currently seen in The Reality House season 2. Kian Lawley and JC Caylen started off the show with 12 contestants. After 5 episodes and 2 major eliminations, Imari is still standing strong in the show. However, as we know the show is pre-recorded, any video from the contestants turns us into a detective trying to figure out who won the show. We don’t have an answer yet. But we do have some interesting tea spilled by Imari Stuart.

Imari & The Reality House Season 2

So, Imari Stuart released a video on his YouTube channel. The video is titled: what Kian and JC DIDN’T want you to know about the reality house…

Interesting title, we know. Though we are all looking for some tea on Andrea and Dom, Imari does not cover that one. Imari wanted everyone to know what exactly happened, the inside scoop of how he ended up being a contestant.

Honestly, I wasn’t supposed to be on the show.

The show would’nt have been amazing without him. Glad he was there. Imari confirmed he was the plan B for the show, as a replacement for the plan A: Taylor Caniff. Off-screen, Cancelled podcast host can be heard saying: You Booted Taylor Caniff.

Well, surprise, Imari was contacted by Elijah Daniel, to be a part of The Reality House season 2. As per Elijah, the contestants should be 21 so he was just confirming if Imari had turned 21 or not.

Imari wanted to do The Reality House season 1 with T, but T stays busy all the time so they couldn’t do it then. This time, Imari said yes and he was hoping to be a part of season 2. But that did not happen until Taylor Caniff said no.

So, Imari was finally there, without T. (Kian & JC might succeed in getting T on-board for The Reality House Season 3).

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The Tea

And we are back to “Imari turns 21”. He was told he couldn’t be in The Reality House season 1 because he was 20 back then. But, one of the season 1 contestants, Zach Clayton, is 19 years old. The rule seems a bit “broken”. Anyways, as Imari said Zach went home the first day so who cares. (and he also said “love you” to Zach in hopes of not pissing him off).

The day they were supposed to get in the bus and reach the *house*, Imari was fashionably late. Jordan Worona (the handsome hunk who also happens to be Cancelled podcast host and Trisha Paytas’s manager), woke Imari. The rest is history.

Imari already knew Teala, Lena, Manny, Kian and JC, Andrea.

Tea with Manny: He used to Snapchat Imari’s ex-boyfriend.

I don’t really care because ex-boyfriend, Manny do your thing. He was hot.

More Tea

The Reality House season 2 is shot in Temecula, California. All of the contestants recorded their introductions for the show, and they were still outside the house. Since FouseyTube and Brittany couldn’t make it in the first round, Imari felt bad for them for riding on the bus for 2 hours, just to be sent back to their homes without seeing the house from inside.

He really had a great time with Teala and Manny. Teala was his bunk-mate whereas; Manny and Imari shared many inside jokes and they had a fun time. He also called Taylor Blake a beast because she was so competitive. (we’ve seen that as well).

However, alliances were being formed in The Reality House and Imari was not really a part of any of these alliances. He did not want problems with anyone and he thought everyone will come after him because he is nice. To be honest, that really happened because he was one of the “highest nominated” contestants in the elimination rounds.

Imari Stuart rooting for Harrison Webb

Apart from everyone in The Reality House season 2, Imari Stuart is really rooting for Harrison Webb.

He is the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I cannot believe how nice he is.

Imari is really in awe of him and might even have a crush on him as well.

Overall, Stuart really enjoyed being a part of The Reality House season 2. He also said the show has one of the hottest film crew. (You can see them in the 5 episodes released so far, watch The Reality House Season 2…Go).

Imari did not end up hating anyone after shooting the show. He said Kenny Knox annoyed him once, only. Going on the show, he was worried because he thinks he was the smallest creator as compared to the rest of them. Moreover, he did not leave a single clue about who won the show. We just have to see the show for the answers.

P.S: no scoop on the four Reality House season 1 contestants. #sedlyf

P.P.S: He just went through nose surgery. Wishing you a quick recovery Imari!

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the pain pills are working

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