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Imagine Dragons leave Easter eggs in Cutthroat music video

Imagine Dragons leave Easter eggs in Cutthroat music video

Imagine Dragons has blessed its fans with two songs this year, Follow You and Cutthroat. While both the songs have totally opposite vibes, the music videos have also turned out to be polar opposites of each other. teaming up again with Matt Eastin, the video director, Imagine Dragons have recently released the official music video of their new song Cutthroat. The music video stars Olivia Munn. And the video is filled with so many Easter eggs you would not have noticed in the first-go.

Noticed these in Imagine Dragons-Cutthroat music video?

To be honest, i missed half of these Easter eggs in the Cutthroat music video. All the credit goes to Matt Eastin and Imagine Dragons, of course, for brilliantly hiding these eggs in plain sight. And special thanks to true Imagine Dragons fans who found these eggs and shared them with timestamps in the comments section of the official video.

The video starts off with an apparently wounded (later we come to know it was not blood, but sauce) wearing the name tag Nico. It’s assumed that it is a tribute to Dan Reynolds’s wife Aja Volkman’s rock band, Nico Vega.

nico vega Cutthroat

In the next scene, there is a micro-second glimpse of a sign, with radioactive written on it.

radioactive Cutthroat

It was very hard to find this Easter egg. However, if you play the video at a speed of 0.25, you will be able to see it. Imagine Dragons broke records with their still viral and most-loved song, radioactive.

The music video of Cutthroat seems to be an ode to all the famous tracks by Imagine Dragons. You think of a song you love, and you will find a reference of it in the Cutthroat music video.

imagine dragons west coast Cutthroat
gold Cutthroat

Imagine Dragons have either used the song titles, or the famous lyrics from the song to leave hints for their fans.

imagine dragons thunder Cutthroat

For instance, take a number is a famous line from their hit track Thunder. You will also find Bad Liar in the video.

imagine dragons bad liar Cutthroat

And if you think that that’s all the hints in the video, you are wrong. There are more and you will have to rewatch the music video to notice these. There are posters of the Imagine Dragons band members as well, each with a song title on it.

its time drive Cutthroat
It’s Time & Drive.
believer whatever it takes Cutthroat
Believer & Whatever it takes

When Olivia Munn is taking her driving test, you get to see the album/new songs art on the air freshener.

imagine dragons follow you Cutthroat

Remember this art? Here is a clear version:

The tough ones

Apart from the Easter eggs mentioned above, here are more of the toughest ones that took multiple attempts in order to take a clean screenshot:

Imagine Dragons pretending to fly to the moon, while the caption says Destination.

destination imagine dragons Cutthroat

Dan Reynolds even has his brother/manager Mac Reynolds in the video. He is the one holding the stop sign.

mac reynolds Cutthroat
Mac Reynolds

You also get to see two references to the song Cutthroat itself. The car used for driving test has “please be patient” written on it. And the song starts off with “I’ve been waiting patiently”.

imagine dragons cutthroat Cutthroat

And at the end of the music video, Olivia Munn is holding her driving license with lyrics of Cutthroat written on it. Her nail art also shows the artwork of the new album, like air freshener:

cutthroat lyrics Cutthroat

If you look at her picture here, you will see Dagger Insomnia written on it. This is a reference to Imagine Dragons band name and the anagrams they use. There is another anagram in the mid of the music video. However, that requires watching the video on full screen mode, and staring at the bottom right corner. This is a screenshot of that corner, rotated at 180.

imagine dragons title Cutthroat

It’s impossible to read it like that. Therefore, here is an edited version:

adjusted anagram Cutthroat

It says Go Sing In A Dream. Another anagram of Imagine Dragons. Have you seen the cryptic video yet?

[Note: There are more Easter eggs in the video. The toughest ones mentioned above were noticed based on the timestamps mentioned by a fan, “Just Another Fabulous Killjoy”, in the comments section.]