Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley expand bourbon ventures

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley expand bourbon ventures

When on-screen brothers Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley introduced their bourbon last year, fans loved it. Their first drink was pretty high in demand after the release. Now, it seems that Brothers Bond Bourbon, their second drink, is hitting the stores. In the spirit of the Quarantine, it’s hitting online stores for now. This is like, unofficial Salvatore Brothers merch and The Vampire Diaries fans are all for it. Ian calls it their new beautiful golden liquid. He wanted to bring the bourbon to his fans to feel connected in these uncertain times.


Ian Somerhalder talks about the new Bourbon with Paul Wesley!

@paulwesley and I have worked so hard, for so long with our team to bring this beautiful golden liquid to you… There will soon be thousands of cases and tens of thousands of bottles of this amazing golden juice.

Ian Somerhalder then, on the 27th of May, shares details on how you may buy the bourbon he has created with all the love with Paul Wesley. You may go to Brothersbondbourbon.com to get your bottle today. Husband to Nikki Reed, Ian also adds that this is for fans who are 21 or older. He is, in no way, supporting underage drinking. 

We appreciate your support more than you know. If you are 21 years or older in the United States or legal drinking age in your home country please
Go to: Brothersbondbourbon.com to sign up.

With only being launched less than 24 hours ago, you may head on over to the website right now to get your bottle! Paul Wesley himself has yet to post about it however, Ian Somerhalder is keeping his followers up to pace with everything.

UPDATE: Ian Somerhalder says the bourbon website is crashing due to the high traffic!


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