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Hold Your Horses! Ian Somerhalder Just Created His Own Wine ‘Dark II Dawn’

You might be wondering what Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries is doing now! Well, apart from directing on a TV series he himself stars in, he also created a wine. It’s called Dark II Dawn. He recently announced it on his Instagram where he expressed pride in the creation of his. Apparently, Ian Somerhalder has been working on this since 2017! Looks like someone knows how to keep a secret.

As the actor claimed, he could not wait for his fans to taste the hard work that he has been throwing into creating the wine. Somerhalder was striving to provide a true quality product that was affordable. 

In every bottle I cork, cap and seal.

Somerhalder discloses the wine master

Around mid of 2018, Ian disclosed the location and the experts utilized for his wine company. The actor has worked with Vik Wine Masters, a company based in Chile. One man in particular known as Cristián Vallejo has been supporting Ian Somerhalder through the entire wine making process.

Somerhalder Announces his Wine label

After 3 years, 90 blends and countless hours of work the wine is finally up for grabs under the label of Dark II Dawn. Ian has announced availability and launch of his product in China. The initial batch launched in China consists of 1000+ cases which we can expect to be sold out soon given Somerhalder’s popularity.

It’s evident that Ian Somerhalder has been struggling very hard for the project. Traveling to distant lands and collaborating with a lot of people, the actor creates the perfect product for us. He has teamed up with COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation) for the launch in China. Apart from D@D, more wines and tequilas are expected to be launched soon. The rest of the world has to patiently wait for it to be available.

Ian Somerhalder is an actor, producer and director who is most prominent for his works in The Vampire Diaries, Lost and The Rules of Attraction. He started working on the series V wars that will be coming to Netflix this year.