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Hugh Jackman makes another handwashing video

The pandemic and the fear that comes with it, are making people restless of course. But worrying is not the way to go. Keeping yourself safe and protected sure is important, but so is keeping yourself mentally relaxed.

There is a pandemic at hand and people are figuring out a way to handle it. So let’s not get panicky and undergo anxiety attacks as there is a lot going on already. Let’s talk about Hugh Jackman for a bit.

Hugh Jackman, the public servant

Being the great man he is we have all been in love with since 2000, he uses his platform to spread awareness. He did his part during the Australian bush fires and he is doing it again now. In 2017, he may have retired from his mutant life, but Hugh Jackman will always be our savior – the Wolverine. 

Over the weekend, as a public service message, Hugh Jackman told his followers to keep themselves safe by washing their hands thoroughly. It is always great to see your favorite human being telling you to keep yourself safe. And it is a great reminder as well. But what happened was, Wolverine forgot to turn off the water while he was very busy rubbing his hands. Well, that is all the followers needed to wage war against him. They dropped comments under his video knocking sense in him to save water.

Here is Hugh Jackman’s tweet talking about water and handwashing.