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How Eminem Found Jessie Reyez

Eminem recently had an interview with Sway and all the parts of it give fans plenty to talk about from Kamikaze to Drake and Jessie Reyez.

The Kamikaze rapper- Eminem recently appeared for an interview with Sway. During the four parts of the interview, he gets brutally honest about a lot that he has seen in his life. In fact, all the episodes together give a combined overview of Eminem’s time in the industry. Be it his collaborations or feuds or the reasons behind his surprise album. In it he also mentions how he found Jessie Reyez and immediately wanted to work with her.

The first part of Eminem’s interview is all about discovering the real reasons behind his surprise album Kamikaze. In the second part, they move on to discuss Eminem’s feuds with MGK and Joe Budden. And this one also expresses how Eminem feels about Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track Rap Devil. The third episode mostly talks about Eminem and his work experience with Jessie Reyez. It also touches Dr Dre’s input on the new album and Tyler,The Creator. The fourth episode targets Eminem’s collaboration with Joyner Lucas for a recent music video release.

Eminem Talks About Jessie Reyez

Eminem has collaborated with Jessie Reyez on two songs from his surprise album Kamikaze. And these are Nice Guy and Good Guy to be specific. While recalling how he was introduced to Jessie Reyez before the collaboration, he said that one night when he got home from a video shoot, she was on television. Apparently, she was doing her song Gatekeeper and it left Eminem in awe. He thought her voice seemed really crazy, and he started wondering who she was. Then Eminem started finding out things about her. And decided that he wanted to work with her. Well, Eminem phrased it saying he wanted to fuck with her. But the rapper did not mean any offense.

Eminem also claimed that in his personal opinion, Jessie Reyez was really going to blow up. Her voice really blew up his mind and he believes that she will be absolutely huge. He said that he has seen very talented people not be able to do that. But in this case, Eminem would put her money on Jessie Reyez.

Jessie Reyez thanked Eminem on her Instagram. And added the video clip from the third episode of Eminem’s Kamikaze interview with Sway where he discussed her.

It seems like now that all episodes of this extensive interview are out, Eminem has become one of the most talked people online.