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How Different Is Love, Victor From Love, Simon?

How Different Is Love, Victor From Love, Simon?

Love, Simon was the first Hollywood movie that followed the life of a confused gay kid. The movie was centered on Simon Spier, played by Nick Robinson. However, that’s not the end of Love, Simon. It is now getting a series on Hulu called Love, Victor which will focus on another gay kid called Victor. He is younger than Simon and his story is a lot more complicated.

What is Love, Victor About?

Victor is a latinx gay male who does not have the easy coming out story we previously saw in Love, Simon. Although the audience appreciated Love, Simon a lot, they also wanted to see something more complex that would be relatable for all the gay kids whose coming out journeys aren’t as ‘smooth’ as Simon’s was.

“We wanted to make something that sort of was similar in tone and feeling and had that uplift and was sort of a world where ultimately things were to going to work out and be OK, but that tackled a story of a kid who had the odds stacked a bit more against him as he came to terms with his sexuality,” show creator Isaac Aptaker told E! News.

Coming out stories are different for everybody. Not everyone has the leisure of hearing an accepting speech from his mom. That’s the concept show creator focused on with Love, Victor. And although it would be based on the same pattern as Love, Simon, it will have plenty of differences.

“I think that is so what we heard after the film, was a lot of people loved it. But it was sort of this notion of this is just one story. And this is just one way for this to look. So, when thinking about doing it as a show, it was really exciting to us to have the opportunity to show someone else’s story, someone else’s way that it looked for them. Hopefully, Victor’s story will now resonate with a whole new set of people that maybe couldn’t relate to sort of the way Simon’s story went on a personal level,” show creator Elizabeth Berger said.