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How close are Nessa Barrett & Griffin Johnson?

Nessa Barrett and Griffin Johnson are two of the famous TikTokers that are linked to Sway House and D’Amelio sisters. While Nessa Barrett was in relationship with Josh Richards of the Sway House, she used to hang out with the Sway boys alot. Meanwhile, Charli D’Amelio’s then-boyfriend Chase Hudson sent an explicit picture to Nessa, that led to the making of a diss track Still Softish. On the other hand, Griffin Johnson was dating Dixie D’Amelio, and the relationship did not last long. Fast forward to today, Nessa and Josh are still friends even after their breakup. Same is the case with Chase & Charli. However, Dixie and Griffin are staying apart for good. But the fans want to know, what’s going on between Nessa Barrett & Griffin Johnson?

Nessa Barrett & Griffin Johnson are more than just friends?

Both Nessa & Griffin are seen together a lot. While Nessa was working on her music in the studio before her song got released, Griffin shared a behind-the-scenes clip of Nessa working in the studio. Griffin Johnson also took an active part in the sh*rt joke that kept haunting Nessa for a very long period of time.

While people thought that breaking up with Josh Richards might have affected her friendship with Griffin Johnson, turns out that’s not the case. The friendship between Nessa and Griffin is still going strong. That’s not all. Nessa and Josh are hanging out together again, with Griffin and Jaden Hossler being their wingmen.

Recently, Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards shared a few TikToks which they have shot with Nessa Barrett.

@imgriffinjohnsonnot feelin the wap @nessaabarrett♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

This TikTok confused many fans. Some might have been thinking about their potential hashtag Niffin or Gressa.

Nessa Barrett

Griffin Johnson asked his fans not to ship him with Nessa Barrett.

Griffin Johnson

A fan highlighted that Nessa and Griffin are close, but not in the sense where you start shipping them as a couple.

Josh Richards

On the other hand, fans were glad to see Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards making TikToks together. But they also noted that Nessa is not sharing any on her own profile. Instead, only the boys are sharing it.

@joshrichardsSike @nessaabarrett♬ Wap let me pray 4 u – rllylillytok

Nessa Barrett has moved into a new apartment now. And seems like we will be seeing a lot of TikToks on Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson’s profile featuring Nessa.

@joshrichardsPool day @nessaabarrett @jadenhossler @imgriffinjohnson♬ Best friend – jordanaudiozz

While it seemed like they had fun together, Nessa Barrett missed Dixie D’Amelio while hanging out with Griffin Johnson.

There is no tea but just pure friendship between Nessa and Griffin.

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