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Homelander Has Another Son In Amazon Prime's The Boys?

Homelander Has Another Son In Amazon Prime’s The Boys?

Amazon Prime’s superhero dark comedy series The Boys is something that gives you too much coverage of Behind-The-Scenes with superheroes. The corrupt superheroes aka Supes keep abusing their superpowers for some clout and an extra load of money. Homelander (Antony Starr), leading from the front, is a big pain-in-the-a** despite being a leader of the Seven. He wants everyone to follow his rules, and do not dare questioning him in return. I literally hated him throughout the 8 episodes & already had a  theory about his potential son but the season finale was really shocking. So, apparently, Homelander has two sons in The Boys?

Homelander’s First Son With Butcher’s Wife Becca

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), the ex-CIA agent, is an obsessed person who believes his wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten) is still alive but missing after Homelander sexually abused her. All he has is a CCTV footage of Becca Butcher going inside a room with Homelander. And leaving the room alone after 3 hours doing the walk-of-shame. Was that really a sexual abuse scenario or a consensual relation? The Boys’ Season 2 will tell that. However, Homelander did not kill Butcher when he had a chance to do it. Instead, he took Butcher to his wife Becca and a son, Homelander’s son, to rub it on Butcher’s wounds. Why Becca did not contact Butcher all these years and why she kept herself hidden with the help of Vought after giving birth to a “I-Got-It-From-My-Daddy” Supe, The Boys season 2 will unfold the mystery.

A Theory | Homelander’s Second Son With Madelyn Stillwell

Were you paying attention to how Homelander reacted in Madelyn Stillwell’s son Teddy’s presence? Homelander always had a thing for Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue). She was an incestuous mother/lover for him. Mother because Homelander was raised without one and lover because, well, you have seen The Boys season 1. Now, why was Homelander jealous of that Teddy baby? (a) Because he was sharing his mother-like Stillwell with an actual baby. (b) because Stillwell was pouring all her love on Teddy and ignoring Homelander.

Okay, coming back to the theory. I believe that Teddy is Homelander’s son. (correct me if I’m wrong, otherwise I’ll correct myself when The Boys season 2 arrives.) Take these easter eggs as the proofs. (maybe I’m being paranoid).

The Reasons

In The Boys Season 1 Episode 2, when Madelyn Stillwell is busy pumping her milk for Teddy, Homelander says.

Personally, I think it’s amazing that a woman your age can have a baby, period.

That’s Homelander being the blunt pain-in-the-as**. However, no doubt Stillwell is old to conceive a baby. And in the last episode when Becca Butcher’s truth was revealed, it means Stillwell knew from the beginning that she is alive. Stillwell was already over-obsessed with her Supes and a chance of having a naturally born Supe must have forced her to have sexual encounters with Homelander. She may have succeeded conceiving a baby of her own. The only issue with this theory is, we have no proof yet if Teddy is really a Supe.

The Boys Season 2 Release

The Boys season 2 release date is not announced yet, but it was renewed for the second season before its premiere. The series is based on comics, so, it is going to have more seasons than you can imagine.


  1. I kept thinking Teddy would be revealed as Homelander’s son as well but will we ever know? Did he move or save Teddy when he blew up the house with Madelyn’s corpse inside? We know he saved Butcher to take him to his confirmed son’s home but to me, it seemed like we were unlikely to see Madelyn’s baby ever again. Although I do like your theory that Madelyn would have tried to have a baby with Homelander if possible and I certainly got the same vibes that he was jealous of her diverted attention towards the infant. But Homelander seemed genuinely surprised that he wasn’t sterile when it was revealed that Becca was pregnant so it seems like, if he knew he wasn’t, questioning Madelyn about Teddy’s paternity would have been something pertinent for Homelander to have done. I guess we won’t know until season 2!

  2. Stillwell says on a phone call while Homelander is evesdropping on her that the baby will drink her milk because she went through multiple cycles of IVF to conceive him..meaning her baby, Teddy. So unless he went to donate sperm anonymously, and Stillwell unknowingly received his sperm, Homelander is not Teddy’s father.

    Also I don’t think Mrs. Butcher was raped by Homelander as other people have commented. She had a consentuial trist with him and got pregnant, ran away to have her super baby.

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