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Hilary Duff Watching Netflix ‘You’ To Find Her Doppelganger

You Season 2 has ended but that does not mean other people are not catching up by finally watching the popular show. I’m talking about Hilary Duff. And the reason she is watching it is obvious too. After all, the internet went crazy when they spotted the clear-cut resemblance between Netflix’s You star Victoria Pedretti and singer and actress Hilary Duff. Well, Hilary has decided to watch it and see it for herself.

Netflix’s You Victoria Predetti or…..

So here’s the picture that caught all the attention and got the fans really noticing. A picture from Hilary Duff’s vacation with her husband Matthew Koma. She posted some selfies when people realized the two looked like Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) from You Season 2. And we agree. I mean, I would not even question it if I saw the second picture alone. Identical?!

The fact that Hilary and Victoria look so alike got even more highlighted after this. And somehow the news made it to none other than Hilary Duff herself.

Hilary Duff is watching ‘You’ to see for herself

Feeling comfy and snuggled into bed, Hilary Duff had You Season 2 on last night while she posted a story of herself on social media. The pop queen and actress is finally watching the show to find her doppelganger Victoria Pedretti and see what the hype is about.

She shared that many of her friends are sending her pictures where apparently she and her partner look like the stars of Netflix’s You Season 2.

I’ve been getting… all my friends sending me the pictures that, um, Matt and I look like the people from the second season of You which is so funny.

She went on to say that she doesn’t really see the resemblance so far.

I don’t really see it but I am excited to get into it.”

Well, even if Hilary Duff doesn’t see it, it’s okay. She’s about to get as addicted and involved in ‘You’ Season 2 as the rest of us!

P.S. We still see the uncanny resemblance!