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Hey Violet Announces Departure With Bassist After Sexual Assault Allegations

Hey Violet finally talked about the departure of their bass player after a series of sexual assault allegations had surfaced against him. Iain Shipp is now no longer part of the band.  Previously, a series of online posts had turned up, accusing him of acts of sexual assault. The band has decided to move on without him and are “continuing to investigate” these allegations.

Shipp Had Denied The Allegations

On Friday, Ian Shipp took to twitter to tweet about the denial of the allegations against him. He said they are “deeply upsetting and untrue”.

A while later, Hey Violet talked about the matter as well. They say how they have been investigating the matter and how a full investigation is still on-going.

Hey Violet To Move On without Bassist

Although Shipp is out of the band, they are still looking into it. The pop-rock group admitted how they don’t have all the answers. And regardless, they feel it’s best to continue without Shipp in the band.

Last night, Hey Violet stated:

Afterwards, Shipp’s statement followed in a series of tweets one after the other, confirming his departure.

Originally as a temporary bass player, Ian Shipp had joined the group in 2016. But now fans of the band can expect future music to exclude him entirely.

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