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What Lauv Had To Say When People Guessed His Sexuality

The internet is tricky because virtually everyone is free to voice their opinions on something. Sometimes, opinions can be a good thing. But at most times, they can be unwanted, for instance, in this case. People are assuming Lauv’s sexuality. Some believe that he is gay.

Well, the American singer, whose real name is Ari Staprans Leff, responds perfectly to all of this. On his Instagram stories, he posted two snaps where he penned his thoughts on the matter.

When he read the comments about people assuming his sexuality, he found it funny. Plus, the facepalm emoji he is using doesn’t imply that he finds it a positive thing.

Lauv Responds to Sexuality Comments
Instagram Stories

His sexuality is a matter of his privacy which he won’t like to discuss with the public. This makes sense because he’s in the spotlight for his music and not his sexuality. Hence, he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to clarify what his sexuality is.

Lauv Disapproves of Homophobic Comments

Moreover, Lauv is disappointed at people negatively commenting on how his being gay is somehow a bad thing. While not confirming he is gay, the singer does not understand why that would be something that even matters.

lauv sexuality response Lauv
Instagram Stories

The possible homophobic comments probably compelled him to voice his opinion on the matter. A few months ago, when Lauv collaborated with Troye Sivan on I’m so tired of love songs, fans were quick to ship them. Many speculated whether the two were an item, but it was just speculation. Sivan, an openly gay Australian singer, and former YouTuber, is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

It was clear that Lauv and Sivan were simply good friends, but people are rapid to assume. While assumptions and opinions are a natural and human thing to do, demeaning someone’s sexuality just because it’s not conventional isn’t a good thing. This is probably what Lauv hoped to convey through his Instagram stories. Maybe he’s gay; maybe he isn’t. It shouldn’t matter.

Lauv chooses to stay quiet about it. And the fans should respect that and patiently await his music after his recent collaboration with Anne-Marie ‘Fuck I’m Lonely’ was such a hit.


    • Please stop. Why would you care if he’s gay or not. And besides, you have no proof to confirm that YOU are not get either.

  1. Guys he’s not gay. In his I like me better music video he is with a GIRL. And his song JULIA is about a GIRL. He could be Bi or Pans for all we know, because we don’t know but he could also be straight. Not everyone has to be gay or apart of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m not spreading hate on the LGBTQ+ community because I don’t spread hate, plus I’m Bi-Sexual. But I’m just saying that not everyone has to be gay or something.

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