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Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Music Video is Everything Summer 2020 isn't

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Music Video is Everything Summer 2020 isn’t

So, Harry Styles made it. We watched it. And we loved it. But, while watching it once is never enough, this time, we watched it several times. Yes, it is amazing. But more than that, Harry Styles’s Watermelon Sugar Music Video is everything that Summer 2020 is not. While we practice social distancing being locked inside our houses, the Music Video reminds us of the outsides we cannot reach. This video really makes you wish COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) would just be done with already. Watermelon Sugar is all about that touching, feeling, going to a beach, and of course, eating watermelons.

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles is all about tempting a social-distancing break in Watermelon Sugar Music Video

The Watermelon Sugar Music Video dropped at a time we definitely needed something to help us go on. Harry Styles dedicates the music video to everyone who has made is till today, May 18th, 2020. 2020 has not been an easy year. With the Australian Wildfires, the suffering around the world and for the last 4 months, Coronavirus. Coronavirus has put the ultimate damper on the year. People have been advised to keep a 6 ft distance from one another and practice social distancing. Moreover, the entire world is on a break as over 200 countries are currently in lockdown with very limited access to the outside world.

The Watermelon Sugar Music Video reminds us of everything that we are missing right about now. Summers are usually the time of year we go on cruises, tan at beaches, have flings and sometimes, fall in love. The music video features Harry Styles on the beach alongside a couple of people who are busy touching and feeling each other. Well, and Harry Styles. The video actually makes perfect sense of the song lyrics relating it to times right now. Also, we love the way Harry Styles is eating the Watermelon. Okay, who knew watermelons could look THAT tempting? One thing is for sure, when we saw the teaser, we did not expect this.