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Harry Styles has a favorite Niall Horan song

Harry Styles has a favorite Niall Horan song

It has been a weird time for One Direction fans. They have been waiting for the band to get back together after their never-ending break. Each member has gone their own separate ways and they are still rocking it nonetheless. But Directioners still have hope that one day the band will come back together. Harry Styles and Nial Horan recently released their albums and they have created good music as always.

Harry Styles is on Capital FM

On March 31, 2020, Capital FM uploaded an interview with Harry Styles. Roman Kemp, Sian Welby, and Sonny Jay Facetimed Harry, as he couldn’t be in the studio for obvious reasons. The pandemic is going strong but the entertainment industry out there is still managing to make it work. We can’t imagine what this isolation would have been like if it weren’t for the technology that has been keeping us sane.

Harry Styles has also recently released his album called “Fine Line”. Niall has praised Harry’s album as well. The pandemic has affected everything really and both the singers were also a little bummed that their albums were released at such times. But their fans’ amazing response has them going. It is truly beautiful when you can help someone in difficult times in any way. For these singers, it is a relief that their music is helping people stay home and have a better time.