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Harry Jowsey & Charly Jordan Make Out At a Party Amid Tayler Holder’s Controversy

Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey and TikTok star Charly Jordan were seen publicly making out at a party. This news comes after Charly’s ex-boyfriend Tayler Holder is currently embroiled in vague controversy of a potential sexual misconduct allegation. Fans are definitely loving Harry and Charly’s dating rumors. Plus, Harry is only adding fire to the flames.

Are Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan Dating?

Check out the steamy moment between Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey. It seems like the kiss took place at a watch party for the Super Bowl 2022.

Well, things are getting too hot to handle for Charly Jordan it seems. Harry Jowsey also posted these pictures on his Instagram Stories to fan the flames even further.

Well, you have got to admit. Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey definitely look cute together. We’re not sure if they’re just hooking up, seriously dating, or just doing a little public kiss for clout.

But Harry does not seem to be doing just a clout grab. He seems to be really interested in her. And when TikTok insiders posted the video of their make-out session, Harry Jowsey made a hilarious comment:

Someone check on that dude who fell pls

There was indeed a man falling down inches away from Harry and Charly. Was he too shocked to see them two kissing just like us? Or was he too excited in the spirit of the Super Bowl? Who knows?

So, how did this kiss come to be?

Well, recently, Harry Jowsey starred in Charly Jordan’s music video ‘Innerbloom’.

He played her love interest who happened to be cheating on her with a woman played by Emma Brooks. In the end, we see Charly taking revenge in a way we didn’t quite expect.

Harry Jowsey

Things weren’t going well for Charly and Harry’s fictional couple but it seems like the opposite is the case for them in real life.

It’s also worth noting that the news comes after Tayler Holder’s controversy

Almost a week ago, Tayler Holder’s friends went on an un-following spree and all of them unfollowed him. Among those were Tayler’s ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan. All of the un-following came as a shock because everyone was very close to Tayler Holder.

Apparently, there was going to be an expose by someone in the influencer industry. It seemed like that Tayler was going to face sexual misconduct allegation. But Tayler sent 50 cease-and-desist letters to various influencers. Bryce Hall confirmed the news and shared that he doesn’t know what’s happening but he simply didn’t want to associate with Tayler Holder in light of the rumors.

Moreover, Tayler himself addressed the un-following with the BFFs podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. He didn’t reveal anything but just said that he’d prefer to keep everything offline:

“Everyone has an opinion on everything that’s going on right there’s everyone talks in this industry and that’s how it is and if and if it’s something you know to that extent in that serious you know I’ve dealt with people that have went through stuff like that it’s something that I don’t take lightly. It’s something that I personally do not agree with so if it is something to that extent I don’t know why everyone runs to the internet I think that it should definitely be something that’s handled legally offline and very professionally.”

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If you remember, Tayler Holder and Harry Jowsey had a “fake beef” which was basically a publicity stunt to promote Holder’s Triller fight. But perhaps there was more to the fake beef than Harry let on?

Right now, most of the influencers and TikTok stars are keeping their distance from Tayler Holder. As for Charly Jordan, she’s having the time of her life with Harry Jowsey. We’ll have to wait and see if they put a label on their relationship or not.

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