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What will happen to Chris D'elia Podcast now?

What will happen to Chris D’elia’s Podcast now?

After the allegations of sexual misconduct, including on minors, what has happened to Chris D'Elia's podcast and his socials?

Over the past few months, Chris D’Elia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Multiple women came out against the actor/comedian, after which his career took a real downturn. Several studios discontinued their relationship with D’Elia and Zack Snyder fired him from his film, even though they had shot his scenes already. However, D’Elia had other sources of popularity and income as well – his podcast. What happened to it after the allegations?

What happened to the Congratulations Podcast with Chris D’Elia?

What will happen to Chris D'elia Podcast now?

Those who followed Chris D’Elia know that he had a very successful YouTube channel, with over 500,000 subscribers. There, he would post his Congratulations Podcast, along with other platforms like Spotify. And it was a successful podcast, with each episode getting at least over 300,000 views on YouTube alone. No one could fire him from that podcast after the allegations surfaced. However, that has not been the case.

Chris D’Elia hasn’t shared a single podcast episode ever since the allegation of sexual misconduct surfaced. The last episode he shared on YouTube was episode 175, after which he has gone AWOL on YouTube. There was an episode 176 too, which he uploaded on Spotify, but he never uploaded that episode on YouTube.

Moreover, Chris D’Elia also turned off the comments on his latest podcasts as well, from episode 170 to 175. However, you can still comment underneath his older episodes. Perhaps he did so because people would comment underneath the latest episodes, reminding him of the sexual harassment allegations against him. Here’s his last episode he shared on YouTube:

Chris D'Elia

What about D’Elia’s other socials?

Other than YouTube, Chris D’Elia was also quite popular on social media. On Twitter, his profile has over 1 million followers, but it has been dormant since June 16th. That was when he last tweeted, sharing a video of a toddler watching his comedy show, and tweeting “I can’t tell you how much I love this kid”. And considering how minors and underage girls also accused D’Elia of sexual misconduct, that tweet did not age well. Read the replies underneath it:

Chris D’Elia was even more prominent on Instagram, with more than 2.3 million followers. He has also not posted anything since June 9th.

Lastly, Chris D’Elia has pretty much abandoned his Facebook profile as well, where he last posted on June 17th. That was the date when the allegations came into the public’s eye.

How the allegations and social outcry unfolded

After the allegations came to light, Chris D’Elia said that there wasn’t any truth to them and reiterated that all his sexual encounters were consensual. However, the number of accusers kept on increasing. After a while, D’Elia and his legal team also released email conversations with three of the accusers. However, most of the women are still left unanswered.

Then, in September, two women accused D’Elia of exposing himself in front of him, one of them being Megan Durst while the other woman chose to remain anonymous for the sake of her job. Durst recalled how D’Elia got into her car with him where he exposed himself and started pleasuring himself abruptly without her consent. D’Elia denied the allegations, however, more and more women coming forward with their accusations strongly hint at there being something severely wrong in Chris D’Elia’s demeanor around women.

Many of his friends and other celebrities reacted with shock and despair over the allegations. Whitney Cummings, his former co-star also believed the accusers. However, we are unaware of their being any court cases on the matter against the comedian. Only time will tell if there are any more accusers or if there’ll be any repercussions for D’Elia.

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