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Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez are not having a baby

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez are not having a baby

So, Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking have taken their relationship to a next level. Never in millions of years, we would have thought Hannah is going to propose to Ondreaz. And that too in New York’s Time Square with such an elegant engagement ring. But she dropped it in a road gutter while popping the question to Ondreaz. She even bought a billboard for a day at Time Square which had her and Ondreaz’s pictures with the question ‘Will you marry me?”.

Though a lot of fans are still trying to figure out if they are actually engaged or not. Because what Hannah said at the end of her Time Square vlog was that they got ‘en-gagged’. It really got us confused. Then she confused us even more by saying they will be figuring out their wedding dates soon. I think they both need to calm down and give us all a breather.

But no, Hannah decided to use another clickbait title in her latest vlog and almost gave us all a cardiac arrest.

Hannah Stocking & Ondreaz Lopez’ journey from BFFs to Lovers and much more

Well, we never actually knew if something is going on between Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez. Because Paparazzi usually steals the thunder from the content creators these days and expose their relationship. But Hannah and Ondreaz are a few of those lucky couples who announced things on their social media all by themselves (in a very non-serious way).

We all thought that both Ondreaz and Hannah are just posting intimate content together just for the sake of fun. But I guess we were all wrong as these two were just trying to give us a heads up of what’s about to come.

Anyways, (as per Hannah)  it all started with a WAP in dry and 100 degrees weather.

Well, we don’t really mind a WAP moment. What Hannah posted next just made us think otherwise.

Ondreaz’s facial expressions are priceless. At that point, he didn’t even know what he has actually gotten himself into.

Then what really got us all confusing is that both Hannah and Ondreaz kept on repeating the same thing. That they both have been single for a really long time.

Ondreaz and Hannah are clearly not having a baby

So three weeks ago Hannah posted her first vlog which was titled as, ‘AM I DATING ONDREAZ LOPEZ? (the truth exposed)’. Umm, though the vlog is actually very cute and funny. But we know Hannah has posted these kinds of videos with her friends for a very long time. Which is confusing a lot of her fans.

Then the second vlog got us even more confused because it was titled as “HANNAH STOCKING AND ONDREAZ LOPEZ GOT ENGAGED?!” Though we know that Hannah actually proposed to Ondreaz at Times Square by getting down on her knees and all. But she dropped the ring in a road gutter.

Oh, and they didn’t even exchange rings. So we don’t really know if they actually got engaged or not. But they are definitely ‘en-gagged’ because that’s what written on their t-shirts.

And last but not the least, the third vlog just made us lose our sanity, ‘HANNAH STOCKING AND ONDREAZ LOPEZ ARE HAVING A BABY!?“.

“As you guys know me and Ondreaz had a whole en-gagged thing. things are  moving along pretty fast. And to be honest (then she starts touching her belly) I just had my breakfast.”

And when Hannah’s videographer asks her if she was about to say the word ‘baby’, she replies with a no. Well, she even said that Ondreaz is moving in with her. Umm, and I guess we all have actually seen him in Hannah’s bedroom a couple of times. Oh, and she even pinned comment on her second vlog and asked everyone, “Who’s ready for our wedding!!”.

The two are having a lot of fun!

A lot of fans think their relationship is definitely real, but everything else they are doing is just for the sake of content. However, some of the fans think whatever these two are doing is just a funny joke.

Guess, we all want some seriously serious answers from the new love birds. What do you think about their relationship? Do you think it’s real? We love both of them but sometimes we get so confused that we don’t even know what to do.