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Hannah Stocking And Ondreaz Lopez Deleted Photos and Videos of Each Other After Breakup

Do you guys need an introduction to the very stunning Hannah Stocking and TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez? Well, I hope not. These two were first spotted together in September 2020 and appeared in each other’s photos and videos all the time. Which made a lot of fans think that both Ondreaz and Hannah are seeing each other. But maybe they are trying to keep a low profile. As they often posted romantic photos and video clips on their social media in which they were almost kissing each other.

Then after almost one month in October, both Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez confirmed their relationship. They even got tattoos of Greek gods Ares and Athena. From surprising each other with romantic dinners in bed to dressing each other in the best Halloween costumes in 2020. These two blessed their fans with an amazing dose of all things lovey-dovey and some major relationship goals. Hannah even proposed to Ondreaz at Times Square in a now-deleted vlog. Sadly, their relationship ended in less than five months. Because Ondreaz was facing some serious se*ual misconduct accusations with a minor. So Hannah decided to step back because she was badly hurt by the sex*ual misconduct reports against Ondreaz.

Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking made their break up official by deleting pictures and videos

As you guys know Ondreaz was accused by a minor girl of se*ually assaulting her. This is one of the main reasons behind his break up with Hannah Stocking. Not just that, his brother Tony was also accused by multiple people of grooming minors. However, Ondreaz shared a different side of the story. As per the TikTok star, the minor girl who accused him of se*ual misconduct was the one who initiated the whole thing in the very first place.

At one point, Ondreaz even shared that he is also a victim of se*ual assault. So he knows the feeling, and would never put someone else through this heinous crime. There were a couple of reports made against the Lopez brothers. And they have apologized to the alleged victims on social media. But we don’t really know what happened between Ondreaz and Hannah and who decided to end the relationship first.

Hannah Stocking,Ondreaz Lopez
Hannah Stocking avoids talking about her breakup

However, a lot of fans think Ondreaz’s se*ual assault misconduct reports might have affected Hannah and her career. So maybe Ondreaz did the right thing to step back. Both Hannah and Ondreaz did not make any official statement about their breakup. But they deleted all the photos and videos from their social media. Hannah even deleted all of the vlogs which she made with Ondreaz. This clearly means that the couple ended things on a bad note. And both of them have decided to stay single because until now, they are not dating anyone.