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Hannah Simone’s New Sitcom is Moving Forward

Looks like Hannah Simone is finally making progress with her TV show because its already in the casting stages but let's see what happens.

It looks like the British-Canadian actress Hannah Simone is finally making progress with her own TV show. And by the looks of it, it might be on television screens in about a year or so. From what she shared on social media, the project is already in the casting stages. So, technically, that means Simone has already found a producer and director.

And obviously, if they are searching for a cast, the characters and script must already be established. Although she has not confirmed anything to us officially, fans are hoping that we get to see the cast soon.

Hannah Simone Shares Progress of her Own Sitcom…

Hannah Simone also claimed that her father was the best storyteller in the world who had written more than a million books. She asked her fans to go out and buy all of them and claimed that she felt no shame in asking this. And that’s because she was a proud daughter who loved her father.

Are There Any Other Details about the New Hannah Simone Sitcom?

Well, up till now, we don’t know anything. Simone has neither shared the details of the casting nor the plot of the show. We don’t even know when and where will it air or when will the TV show began filming. Probably Hannah will be disclosing the official details soon now that it’s confirmed that it’s actually happening because the actress herself informed us that there have been some casting sessions.

Hannah Simone is a British-Canadian actress, television host, and model. She is the first woman of color to be a superhero lead in live-action TV series. Her most prominent works include New Girl, Kicking and Screaming, Killing Gunther, and Miss India America.