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Grey’s Anatomy Honors Day of the Dead With Special Episode

To honor the Day of the Dead, Grey's Anatomy had a special episode and featured a surprise return of all the dead characters.

Like every single time, Grey’s Anatomy once again made us all cry. With the special episode to honor the Day of the Dead, the show decided to bring back the dead characters. They could not bring back all. But they made their choices, and certainly good ones. So, even 300 episodes later, Grey’s Anatomy disappointed nobody bringing in fresh floods of tears from the audience. Fans were more than just delighted to see all their favorite characters return back to the screens.

The ‘Day of the Dead’ Special Episode on Grey’s Anatomy

In the first Dia de Los Muertos-themed episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a patient explained this concept of the Day of the Dead to Meredith. Celebrators believe that the loved ones who have passed away are allowed to visit loved ones on this day. The creators saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring back a chosen few characters that had died on the show. Those were the ones closest and dearest to Meredith, including her dog. In the Day of the Dead episode, the dead characters who returned to Grey’s Anatomy included Meredith’s friend George, her mother, Ellis, and her sister, Lexie. Let’s not forget that McDreamy himself returned.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Krista Vernoff said that the special brought back everybody who needed to be there. However, one scene was exceptionally cut off because it felt like a stunt. This was the one that featured Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Denny and Kyle Chandler’s Dylan. That’s because Vernoff believes there is no reason for them to visit Meredith. They should be visiting their own family.

Fans were emotional and all over the place when this episode came out. Grey’s Anatomy has a talent for making us cry!