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Gregory Jackson Onision Sues Repzion & Chris Hansen

The saga of Onision’s desperate attempts to clear his name continues. This time he has taken things up a notch. Just recently, Gregory Jackson ‘Onision’ filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Repzion (Daniel Sulzbach). This is because Repzion has been exposing the problematic and child predatory behavior of Onision for years. His videos have often explored the depths of Gregory Jackson’s wrongdoings.

So, what happened?

Gregory Jackson ‘Onision’ and his partner Kai filed for two civil lawsuits against Repzion (Daniel Sulzbach) and Chris Hansen. Hansen used to be the host of Datelines’ To Catch a Predator. He has previously interviewed several victims of Onision and Kai. For a quick recap, Onision is known for child grooming. Basically, he befriends underage girls (usually fans) and then when they turn of legal age, he and Kai have a sexual relationship with them. A singer named Shiloh came forward with her story where Onision mentally abused her and mistreated her. Later, other victims, Sarah and Billie shared their story with notable YouTubers such as Blaire White and Chris Hansen. Both of them said Onision and Kai badly manipulated them and treated them badly.

With significant evidence and the victims of the predatory behavior coming forward, Onision and Kai are in deep shit. We knew that Gregory Jackson was already being investigated by the FBI thanks to Chris Hansen. On his YouTube channel, he stated that Kai manipulated Sarah into giving a nude picture of herself to Kai. Hence, Kai and Onision could be facing prison charges up to 10 years based on them indulging in child pornography.

On 9th January 2020, Chris Hansen arrived on Onision and Kai’s door with a camera crew. This led to Onision calling the police and making claims of being harassed. The irony is not lost on us! Fortunately, Hansen and his team faced no charges.

Lawsuits against Hansen and Repzion

No one’s sure if the lawsuit is related to Chris Hansen visiting Onision’s house or the fact that he’s been openly investigating his predatory behavior. Meanwhile, the reason why Gregory Jackson is coming after Repzion is because of the fact that he has more than 50 videos exploring his child grooming and other predatory behavior. However, Onision claims that Repzion harassed him and filed a protective order against him. Repzion states:

 I don’t even understand like why you would go through the effort of filing a protective order against somebody who’s never been around you who’s never been at your house.

Daniel Sulzbach Started a GoFundMe Page to Cover Attorney Fees

Daniel Sulzbach did hire an attorney to represent himself. This is very crazy because Repzion did not, in any way, harass Onision or Kai as they are claiming to. He just openly discussed what they were doing online.

Later, Repzion told his own experience at the court hearing with Onision, who was representing himself. The YouTuber also requested his fans to donate just $1 so that he could cover the attorney fees:

I did hire an attorney and that attorney was $2,500 and all I’m asking in this video is if you guys could donate $1 literally. This video is gonna get over 50,000 views. I know that if you could donate $1 to my GoFundMe page so I can pay off my credit card. Because I used my credit card. And I charged a $2,500 flat fee to hire a criminal attorney.

Onision Dismissed his own Case

Yes, that actually happened. Later, Onision ended up dismissing his own case:

so what was going to happen today is we were I was going to request a continuance to rebuttal what he originally filed against me but he did in fact dismiss his own petition against me and specifically referenced in his dismissal is that he is going to seek other means that he was advised by an attorney to seek other means rather than a protection order

This basically means that Onision will keep coming after Repzion:

How its interpreted to me is that this isn’t done yet…He is going to attempt to take him to civil court again but under different circumstances specifically in regards to slander.

Thankfully, Repzion has a strong online presence and dedicated fan following who would help him defend himself against baseless accusations by Gregory ‘Onision’ Jackson.

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