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Gigi Gorgeous Opens Up About Wife’s Dark Past

Gigi Gorgeous, a famous transgender activist, YouTuber, and actress, just posted a new video with her wife, Nats Getty. In fact, the two opened up about Nats’ dark past. Nats Getty (Natalia Williams) is an American model, socialite, and LGBT activist. Before Gigi Gorgeous started telling the story, Nats pointed out the real reason she wanted to film this video. In fact, it was the comments that say she looks like a drug addict, or “strung out” or “making pre-conceived judgements based on how I look”. She added that she felt really nervous even talking about this.

Recently LGBT activist, Nats Getty spoke about mental health awareness on her Instagram and got a really positive response. Gigi also pointed out how she usually ignores stuff that really don’t matter and just laughs it off. “But when it’s actually a little real, you’re like oooh that bothers me.” The transgender activist and wife of Nats Getty stated that people really needed to hear this because they should know that:

“a) they’re not alone, b) there’s no shame about it.”

Nats Getty opens up about drugs, alcohol, and self-harm

Speaking about drugs and alcohol addiction, Nats Getty (LGBT activist) revealed that when she met Gigi Gorgeous (transgender activist), she was at her second lowest point in her life. Nats had to go to rehab when she was really, really young. And when she met Gigi, she was at another terrible time of her life.

“I had gone too far in every capacity and I needed to go somewhere, get help, and I did that for a really long time. And then things got a little better.

And when I was meeting you, it was another really really low, dark point, not so much because of substance abuse, but self-worth, and I was taking it out on my body in terrible, terrible ways.”

How Gigi Gorgeous saved Nat’s life

Nats Getty shared how she had deprived herself of happiness, love, good friends and good times. And Gigi Gorgeous was the one to bring love back into her life.

“It was super dark and then I met you and that kind of changed everything because you’re so authentic, you’re so real, you completely accept yourself, you love yourself. And you like, made me laugh again, smile again. And that’s when my whole mentality on everything changed.”

Sadly before that, Nat had gotten to a stage where she says she couldn’t even remember why it was important to be alive.

The couple also talked the misconceptions of rehab and how it seems like a simple process but is much more than that.

“It’s an addiction, it’s something you can’t control, It’s not like you just go and you get cured, and you’re better. It’s a life time thing.” Gigi stated.

Gigi & Nats on hate comments

Nats Getty then spoke up about the mean comments she gets to see and how they really make her feel.

“What really does piss me off when I see people making judgements on me, when I am me ‘now’, like I get so upset by that because nobody knows the actual truth.”

I worked really f***ing hard and I think I should sit here and like not have to see people judging and being like oh “cus you look a certain way like you’re on drugs.”

Gigi said that it’s hard to believe now that the two used to drink liquor together once. Because Nats quit cold-turkey and doesn’t even drink anything except beer anymore.

In fact, the two revealed that Nats had to be drunk to even appear in any of Gigi’s older videos hence the sunglasses she used to wear. And people never knew the reality or the struggle they went through to get here today.

This is what true love looks like…

The way Gigi brought the light back into Nats’ life is beautiful and special. Nats says:

“I realized a long time ago when I met you that life is so amazing, such a beautiful thing to live. Why waste it?

I’m actually proud of the person I am now, what I’ve overcome, all the shit that I’ve been through.. it’s made me a stronger person, it’s made me who I am today, your wife; which is like unreal and amazing.”

-Nats Getty

And isn’t that exactly what a life partner should do?

Gigi Gorgeous ended the video giving a friendly reminder that everyone is going through something, just spread love. She then applauded Nats Getty for coming out the way she did. Gigi also appreciated her to speak about something so difficult with everyone out there.

These two, are “goalssss.”

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