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George Janko & Mike Majlak not happy with Logan Paul's latest investment

George Janko & Mike Majlak not happy with Logan Paul’s latest investment

I don’t know if you guys have seen Logan Paul’s recent IG posts but he has spent almost an estate’s worth of money on Pokemon cards. I am not the only one who thinks Logan is crazy for investing $198,000 on Pokemon cards. But his podcast fellows George Janko and Mike Majlak feel the same. And they also think Logan should get some help for spending this huge amount of money on collecting the Pokemon cards. This Pokemon Trading Card Game Collection (TCG) was introduced back in 1999. And since then, the rarest pieces from this collection are being sold for a house worth of money. Maybe one of the reasons why Logan got his hands on these rare Pokemon TCG is because he likes to invest money in profitable businesses.

Logan Paul talks about his Pokemon card collection in the latest podcast

For those people who still haven’t seen Logan’s Pokemon card collection, you need to see it ASAP before we dive into the podcast.

Logan also expressed his excitement in the description:

“nostalgia+business = new art. just bought an estate’s worth of Pokemon cards, most fun investment I’ve ever made…Alakazam is my personal favorite.”

I mean it’s a good investment. But Logan is still crazy for spending a ton of money on Pokemon collectibles And his podcast team members are also giving him sh*t about it.

George Janko asks Logan in the latest Impaulsive podcast about his addiction to the Pokemon Cards.

“If you cross this line, we need to take you to get help. While you make love to your beautiful girlfriend, have you thought about these Pokemon Cards?”

Logan replies with a nod and says ‘Yeah’. I just can’t breathe.

“I have been passionate about Pokeman my whole life. I am that kid who played (Pokeman) when I was a kid. And when I was in middle school, I re-bought the game in color.”

Logan further announced that his Pokemon video is coming out in a few days. He also showed the first edition of the Pokemon base set booster box. Which he bought for $217,000 including tax charges.

George Janko and Mike Majlak are not happy with Logan Paul’s latest investment

So Mike Majlak was also sharing his thoughts on Logan’s latest investment. He didn’t seem really happy about it. So Logan told him that he will be raising money through selling these rare Pokemon cards.

“I am making an event out of this box. Octber 9th @6:00 p.m on my channel ‘Logan Paul Vlogs’ I will be opening this extremely rare most valuable box of Pokemon cards in a live stream.”

Mike seems really bothered about Logan’s remarks:

“I don’t think I have ever felt like I hated you before. But I hate you right now. You call this purchase. This feels like gambling to me,”

Ooof. My brain is about to explode so I am going to make a cup of coffee. Let us know in the comments section if you’re obsessed about these Pokemon collectibles or not?