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Gabbie Hanna’s new single Glass House Out Now!

Light up you Gabbie Hanna lovers! Or considering the song lights down guys. Gabbie just released one of her best and creepiest songs ever! Her new EP Bad Karma is on the way to you guys but before then, on the 1st of May, as promised, Gabbie Hanna put out her new single Glass House. Before we get into the lyrics, let us just say that this is probably the first time the YouTuber, and influencer has made a song such raw in emotion. I mean, there are no metaphors and the just straight up says things as they are. Without further ado, let us look into the lyrics.

Gabbie Hanna Glass House

Okay, so this music video has so much going on that we might need to do a whole different article on breaking it down!

A look into Gabbie Hanna Glass House lyrics

Gabbie Hanna tends to be better with her music every time she releases new songs. And that is a greatly favored trait of hers. The YouTuber makes her fans and listeners be stunned into silence with every new song. Glass House, much like the others, is all about putting the negativity inside of you into words. This song in specific talks about how people often degrade you relentlessly and then blame you for doing it to them. Well, who hasn’t experienced that before?

Verse 1:

I got people blamin’ me for shit they did to me
Lots of people shamin’ me for shit they didn’t see
So point the finger, pull the trigger, throw them off your trail
You’ll get yours eventually

The fierce first verse of Glass House by Gabbie Hanna calls out to the haters saying that they will get their Karma eventually. A reference to the theme of her entire Bad Karma EP.

Verse 2: 

I got people whisperin’ as if they know my life
Friends can turn to enemies if you hand them the knife
You’re diggin’ me my grave, but keep the shovel nearby
Dig your own right next to mine

The second verse gets a little too real too quick and as we’ve seen it, the lyric ‘Friends can turn to enemies if you hand them the knife’ is pretty popular among fans. Glass House is again, a very literal representation of Gabbie Hanna’s emotions.

Verse 3: 

I got people sayin’ take an eye for an eye
I just turn the other cheek cause you ain’t worth my time
‘Cause you see in black and white
There’s more than just wrong and right

Well, that’s one way to shut down the haters!


Glass house
Are you sure you’re ready for the fall out
Throwin’ stones, I think you need to slow down
I can see right through you from my glass house
Your glass house

From what we gathered from the Glass House Music Video, Gabbie Hanna means the fact that she is inside your screens. So her Glass House is actually her YouTube channel. But generally means that she is behind the screens for you guys. And while you see her, she also knows exactly what her haters are on about! This song sure is a change of pace from Dandelion and we cannot wait to hear what is next!

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