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Gabbie Hanna Ups Her Music Game with ‘Medicate’

Gabbie Hanna, known famously by her YouTuber name TheGabbieShow, released the music video for her new song ‘Medicate‘ today. It takes a unique look into heartbreak and depression associated with it. Apart from containing deep lyrics inside it yet again, Gabbie Hanna has upped her music game with coming up with amazing vocals and a beautiful music composition along side it.

 Medicate by Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna, Medicate

The brilliant acting by Gabbie Hanna herself lures the viewer inside a fascinating story about how the pain of heartbreak can affect a person. We often look for different coping mechanisms but in her song lyrics it seems that she’s considering if some pills will mend her broken heart.

“Should I take a pill to numb the pain? Change the chemicals inside my brain. I worry I won’t be the same. But I guess that’s the point”

It’s obvious she is talking about antidepressants:

Swallow Hard, kill sadness with science” but the aftermath might make you sick

The pain that Gabbie Hannah is presenting to us through the music video seems pretty genuine. Especially for her dedicated fans who have watched her YouTube channel full of videos that have her telling stories of her past relationships that haven’t gone so well.

“Can you medicate a broken heart? Making your tragedies a work of broken art? Build your walls just to rip them apart?”

The artistic choreography only added a unique charm to this already amazing music video.

Upping Her Music Game

Compared to her previous songs Honestly“, “Out Loud”, andMonster which seemed more like poetic rhymes sung with emotion,  “Medicate” has a more professional and mature feel to it. We all know that the YouTuber, with a whopping 6.4 million subscribers, wanted to pursue music more seriously. It’s quite evident that Gabbie Hannah has successfully done it!

Medicate has the same depth and genuine feel we have come to expect from her music yet it still feels more grown. The melodious singing somehow perfectly complement the gloomy tone of the song. Moreover, the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for a long time. Even more so since a lot of people can relate to the meaning of the lyrics.

Furthermore, Gabbie Hanna’s song always had talent in it but she nourished it into something more beautiful. Her soft voice is definitely intoxicating but in a delightful way.

What’s Next for the YouTuber?

Gabbie Hanna, whose full name is Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna, is actually famous for her YouTube videos. She initially started her career as an online content creator on vine with the username “The Gabbie Show”. Then she took that to YouTube and rose to fame quick, going on to win several awards such as the Streamy Awards in 2018.

A woman of many talents, she’s also known for her poetry book Adultolescence that came out last year. She’s even ventured into appearing in the famous Escape the Night.

She’s announced that her album This Time Next Year will be released in 2019. The YouTuber has not announced any other acting projects or books. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything!

You can download and stream Medicate by Gabbie Hanna now on Spotify and iTunes.


  1. It’s pretty clear you’re a fan of Gabbie from all of your articles. Honestly, this song isn’t very good at all.

  2. This song is definitely her best lyrically. Instrumentally, Honestly is the best, but Medicate is 10000 times better than Monster.

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